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Aug 06 2008

Today was a good day…

Published by Meghan at 9:04 pm under Babble,knitting,Spinning

well today was a better day at work. i told them i could do more work then they are giving me right now, so i asked for some more paperwork to practice on. they’re also going to give me a couple more referrals tomorrow, and i’m going out with another service coordinator for an intake meeting tomorrow morning. so that’s good.
they also officially asked me if i would be interested in being their hard of hearing/deaf service coordinator/liason today. they said the state is working on getting one in every branch, since it is such a different experience dealing with non-hearing children then it is with the normal speech delays and what not. so i said i’d be delighted! they said they didn’t want to assume i’d be cool with it, but i told them that i know a LOT abut it first hand, i’ve read up a ton on it, and plan on learning more about it in the future. our local community college has some deaf education classes available online, so i might take a couple of those as well. i’m so excited to help people! and i think they’ll appreciate knowing that i’ve been in their shoes, somewhat.

oh, and i shot some pics of my recent handspun this morning. i used my camera phone, so they aren’t all that great…but hey! they work! 
here’s my hallow tree batt from and the roses roving from the photos don’t show the color quite as nice as i’d like, but ya know….

Here’s my HHHH handspun superwash sorta sock weight….i kinda wanna keep it! hehehe
perty!!! :)

oh, and the new wheel shipped today! (YEAH!!!) but it won’t get here until monday! (BOO!)

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4 Responses to “Today was a good day…”

  1. sunsetknitteron 07 Aug 2008 at 5:55 am

    Your last podcast was great! I have convinced my husband to let me buy a wheel with some money that I have stashed away. I had him listening to your podcast about the Ladybug. I think that’s the one I am going to get rather than buying off craigslist. I have no experience with a wheel, and I am worried I would be missing pieces. Thanks for a great informative podcast. I’m glad to hear that they are sending some work your way. It will make your day go faster too having something to do that you want to do.
    I hope you wheel arrives in tip top shape!

  2. Andreaon 07 Aug 2008 at 1:37 pm

    Oh Meghan, your handspun is sooo beautiful! I love them. I know how we love what we do and want to keep things ourselves :-)

  3. Kellyon 08 Aug 2008 at 4:52 pm

    How cool you’re going to Michigan Fiber Fest. I have gone 2 times in the past 3 years and I absolutely love it. Sadly, I can’t make it this year cause my family is coming that same weekend to see my new house and celebrate my day of birth. I know you might not be interested in machine spun yarns, but look out for a yarn called “Perchance to Knit” a hand dyed yarn in freakin’ bright colors. I have four skeins of this lady’s stuff and absolutely can’t resist her colorways. I don’t think she’ll have a booth but I know other yarn stores/vendors may carry her stuff.

    Will you be at Stitches Midwest the following week? I’ve only been there once since moving to the Midwest 6 years ago (man has it been that long?) It is a lot more commercial yarns and knitting vendors but I love being around fiber/knitting/yarn people anyway. I’m planning on going up for Friday, seeing that I will be busy that weekend too. Hope to see you there Meghan! If not take care and have fun in Michigan next week!

  4. Rosieon 09 Aug 2008 at 6:38 pm

    Hi Meghan,
    CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so glad you’re getting the new spinning wheel. I finally caught up with your podcast and was so sad that your old wheel was hurting your knee. I look forward to hearing about the new wheel and seeing what you spin up. We just moved the family to Detroit and my consolation is a big house with a dedicated craft room. So the wheel my husband game me for my birthday has its own area and I’m finally sitting at it to practice. It has not been easy. I’m really struggling. I can’t seem to adjust the tension to work and my treadling is dismal and long drafting has been impossible. If you have any tips please pass them on. I will be taking a class at the end of September but I’m hoping to master some aspect of spinning by then. Arrghhh, frustrating.
    Good luck with the new wheel — happy, happy spinning.