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Apr 27 2008

The things Champions are made of

Published by Meghan at 7:12 am under Babble

Everybody needs to start their day. And how you start your day shows you how your day is going to go. A breakfast is a vital part of everyone’s day, and it really does determine your future.

Then there are Champions. Champions eat breakfast every day. Champions need their breakfast to be great, because they need their days to be great.

Theoretically, if you eat a breakfast like a Champion, you too will have a Champion-like day.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be Champion. So I’m eating a Champion-like breakfast.
breakfast of champions
Hell, even the little Hanna Montana on my cupcake says that i’m a “Secret Star”. Sounds like i’m going to have a Champion-like day!

just don’t tell the littleman. he’s already a champion in my book.
silly boy in a box
and one extremely goofy little boy.

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