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Feb 04 2008

Stressful Time=Productive Weekend

Published by Meghan at 8:02 am under Babble,Crochet,knitting

I admit it…I’ve been stressed out. All last week I applied for jobs, went on 2 interviews, had to make major life decisions, and wasn’t too happy about having to do it. I was stressed. So what did I do? I stitched.

I got quite a bit done on owen’s tomten. it’s turning out pretty cute too, if i do say so myself.

Owen's Tomten

See, cute, right? and it looks JUST like my MSPaint picture/plan. genius!!! I’m going to have him try this section on tonight to make sure it all fits right before i start on the sleeves. it’s a quick knit so far, i just wish i made it with a washable wool, instead of the acrylic/cotton. aside from the nice burning qualities, i also find it stretches in the garter stitch.

Also, because of the stress, i allowed myself to purchase some 40″ size 1 addi turbos and some new stitch markers. Why? so i could start these:

Bellatrix Socks
yeah, it’s an artsy fartsy photo of it, but what are you gonna do?! hahaha. i LOVE the 2-at-a-time method. casting on and getting through the first couple rows was kinda shakey, but it’s like that whenever you knit socks, because the yarn is so thin and you’re setting up your circle. but, it’s looking good so far. i’m still worried they’ll be to big, but i tried one on last night (another benefit of magic loop method! they’re always ready to try on!) and it looks like it’ll fit great. i think i’ll need to block them, though. so you can see the pattern. oh well.

On the crochet front, I sat up late in bed last night getting the first 3 rows of my scrap blanket done. they’re the chain, single crochet row, and first row of the V-stitch. those three rows suck, just because its that first row. now? should go fairly quick! i have a little cloth folding basket thing i’m going to throw all of the scrap balls in, and keep it by the bed. i love crocheting in bed. i don’t have to think. especially with this stitch. love that. i’ll get a few rows done, and i’ll post a picture up here for you (all 3 of you) to enjoy!

So see, i had a productive weekend. stress suits me, huh?

ps. i turned down the job offer. just giving up too many things that are important to me. i think there has to be something closer to the ideal job out there, i just have to look a little longer then 1 week.

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One Response to “Stressful Time=Productive Weekend”

  1. Yennion 07 Feb 2008 at 4:43 am

    What type of yarn are you using for the socks? I love that color.