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May 28 2009

SOAR Scholarship Project

Published by Meghan at 8:34 pm under SOAR knowledge

so as i said, part of the SOAR scholarship project is for me to report back in July of the following year and let the scholarship committee know what you did with all of the knowledge that you absorbed during your time at SOAR over the previous year.
Because I do a podcast, and because i share all of this information with you, my podcast listeners, I felt it was most appropriate to send the committee a recording. What is on the recording? well, my hope is to gather as many recorded statements as i can get.
i set up an account for this at
it’s basically a page that you can upload pictures, post messages, and they also provide me with a phone number and extension where you can call and leave me a voice message telling me what you’ve learned from me and my SOAR knowledge.

646-462-4031 x 27505

please call! When you do, all i need is your name (first only is fine), where you are calling from (just so we get an idea of how far this interwebz thing reaches), and explain what you have learned from my experience.
if you record and don’t like what you said, let me know! and i’ll delete the message so you can re-record.

if you can’t call long distance, and you have a computer that will let you record something, do it! and email me the mp3. if you can only email, please do, and i’ll read your email for you.

i’d like to get as many as possible so i can burn CDs of all of you telling the scholarship committee what you have learned from my experience at SOAR. basically, this is our big thank you card!

Thank you so much for helping me out with this! :) i can’t wait to mix all of this stuff together!


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