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Apr 26 2008

Seriously, what gives?!

Published by Meghan at 10:43 am under Babble,Dying,Harp

So the last week, or hell even yesterday, has been sunny and warm with highs in the 70s. last night? it rains, and today we wake up to a cold house, and an even colder and windier day outside. we have a high of 50 today, but with the wind, it feels like 35. it’s cold. too cold for April. too cold for my plants. too cold to play outside. it feels more like November outside…..and what kills me? i know people further north got snow….that’s just plain WRONG.

ahh well…..gives me an excuse to play inside for the day.

today i’m going to get my harp out, dust it off, tune it up and play. i haven’t played my harp in a while. i love my harp. just need to sit down adn remind myself how to play. i’m also looking into getting this “How to Play Harp Beautifully” book and maybe eventually getting the DVD. it’s pricey…but it would be cheaper then lessons. i don’t even know where to find a local teacher anymore. i used to take lessons from an older woman, and it was a treat. i loved her. she gave me lots of music and i just gobbled it up. then i took lessons when we moved from a performance person. she was a little too serious for my liking. i’m not going to perform. i’m not auditioning for orchestras, or applying for college. so i quit lessons with her. i guess at this point in my life, i don’t want the super strict teacher. i just want the one who enjoys teaching, enjoys music, and enjoys sharing that love. so some books and some DVD’s will have to make due for now! i think with my music degree and my ability to play all those other instruments, i should be okay!

i dyed rovings again yesterday…..i managed to felt 2 of them completely. they were thick fiber ropes. how discouraging! and my other rovings are sort of felted. so i’ll just try to make due and spin them up. nothing says “stop dying stuff because you suck at it” like a batch of wasted rovings….i’m going to pick up a salad spinner the next time i go to the store or am over by the goodwill store. i think my frontloader just doesn’t work for spinning out fibers or yarns. too much action….

ho hum…..

i’m gonna go play with the boys upstairs. it’s warmer up there.

happy saturday!

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4 Responses to “Seriously, what gives?!”

  1. Erinon 26 Apr 2008 at 6:33 pm

    Wanna come over here? It’s in the 90′s, lol. Okay, like 97. It may be too warm.

    I felted some of the roving that I did when I got my acid dyes. It wasn’t horribly felted, but enough that it was a bitch to spin up. I ended up plying it as a super bulky weight, and got about 300 yards out of nearly 8oz of the stuff (in my Rav stash). It wasn’t fun to spin at all, though. I believe it was Corriedale that I did that to.

  2. Silver Ilixon 27 Apr 2008 at 1:59 am

    Wow….. sounds like you need some chocolate. I CAN tell you that a salad spinner from the thrift store works wonders, and is not a big expense! Grab one, it will take more time to finish the roving, but hey….. no felting! Did the colours turn out okay? How did that part work for you? Sometimes what you learn isn’t just the pain in the a** lesson. (At least it meems like I keep getting multiple lessons) LOL

  3. Tanon 27 Apr 2008 at 10:21 am

    What kind of harp do you have? I have a lever harp and a Gothic harp with no nothin’ on it. They work for folk music and early music but if I need accidentals I have to switch to the piano.

  4. leslieon 22 Jul 2009 at 7:23 pm

    hey there, I just stumbled on your article while looking for knitting patterns. I have been playing and loving the folk harp for about 12 years now. If you’re looking for books to help you learn I would strongly reccomend the Sylvia Woods books. Sylvia woods “learn to play the folk harp’ helped me alot when I first began harping even though I took lessons for the first 5 or 6 years. If you’d like to talk about harp stuff ever my e-mail is smashinwithapassion@hotmail.com and my name is leslie. Hope you are doing well!