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Apr 25 2008

Random Thoughts continued….

Published by Meghan at 9:15 am under Babble

1. Regarding the bed: i LOVE my bed. it’s SO comfy. i feel like i’m sleeping in a hotel every time i lay down. it’s really funny how much a mattress can make a difference! i wake up and my body doesn’t hurt! wahoo!

2. i was a good girl this week, and i scheduled appointments for my annual female visit (blech) which i had this morning (blech….i’m glad that’s done with!). i also scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist. i’m super pale. skin cancer has been found in my family. i’m a high risk person to get it myself, so i’m jumping all over it! hopefully it all goes well, and the doctor will support my use of 50spf sunblock on a regular basis. if you are pale, please….embrace it!

3. my monkey is coming along. i finished the front piece, and i’m almost done with the back piece…i can’t even begin to imagine how this guy gets assembled so it resembled a monkey, so i’m taking a leap of faith on this one. let’s hope!

4. i’ve got the mommy itch again….maybe it’s because of my appointment this morning, but seeing pregnant bellies and new babies? awwww….right now, i can’t. we need to get more stable financially and i want to get owen a little more caught up before  i bring another youngin’ into the picture. but for now, i’ll just stare at preggo ladies when they walk by me and sigh longingly. hahahaha

5. the boys are out of the house, i’m going to do a quick clean, and then i’m going to dye up some roving. i hope these batches turn out a bit more colorful. less white….we’ll see!

6. i just finished pride and prejudice by listening along with craftlit.  what an awesome novel…i REALLY want to get my hands on that A&E 5-6 hr movie…so good.

7. Pan’s Labyrinth- if you haven’t seen this, WATCH IT! it’s an amazing movie!!!

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