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Mar 09 2009

Podcast Archive!!!

Published by Meghan

Here you go! Episodes 1-49!
how do you download them?
either press the control button and click on the link, or right click on the link.
choose “Save Linked File As” or “Download Linked File As”
select a place you want to easily find the file
and presto! the mp3 is now on your computer. you can easily upload it into your itunes or whatever mp3 program you use.
It’s that easy!!!

12.08.07 episode 01
12.28.07 episode 02
01.03.08 episode 03 “Bring the Rock!!”
01.10.08 episode 04 “Meet Beth”
01.17.08 episode 05 “Cannibalistic Tendencies”
01.25.08 episode 06 “Gummy Bear Victory”
02.01.08 episode 07 “Knitting Pixie Dust”
02.07.08 episode 08 “Meet Emily”
02.15.08 episode 09 “Punch it in the Face”
02.21.08 episode 10 “So…Cold!”
02.28.08 episode 11 “Good Day Sunshine”
03.08.08 episode 12 “Meet KaRi”
03.13.08 episode 13 “Imparting my Knowledge”
03.21.08 episode 14 “Snakes on the Rocks”
03.26.08 episode 15 “Roxanne”
04.02.08 episode 16 “Spinning in a Fishbowl”
04.09.08 episode 17 “Serendipity”
04.16.08 episode 18 “Mommy”
04.23.08 episode 19 “My Dad vs The Mibs”
04.30.08 episode 20 “Spinning is like a Box of Chocolates….”
05.07.08 episode 21 “Meet Tonya”
05.14.08 episode 22 “My Crazy Week”
05.21.08 episode 23 “One full cup with icing on top, please!”
05.28.08 episode 24 “The Royal We!!”
06.04.08 episode 25 “My Sweet Ride”
06.10.08 episode 26 “From the Boudoir”
06.18.08 episode 27 “I stayed on the 13th floor”
06.23.08 episode 28 “Don’t Mess with HIs Cookie”
07.02.08 episode 29 “Presentation is Everything”
07.10.08 episode 30 “Disney vs Mommies? What Gives?”
07.15.08 episode 31 “What could happen in a Year?”
07.22.08 episode 32 “Alpaca says mmmmmmmmm”
07.30.08 episode 33 “Take a Chance!”
08.05.08 episode 34 “Apple Vampire”
08.13.08 episode 35 “Heaven…I’m in Heaven”
08.21.08 episode 36 “as long as I hold a string”
08.26.08 episode 37 “Operation: Pretty Pretty Princess”
09.02.08 episode 38 “Olympian in the Making”
09.10.08 episode 39 “I’m Not Perfect”
09.16.08 episode 40 “Here…Take my Card”
09.23.08 episode 41 “Hello? Mom? I forgot my underwear…”
10.02.08 episode 42 “Quarter Til the Crack of Dawn”
10.08.08 episode 42.5 “SOAR Update”
10.15.08 episode 43 “Stop. Drop. and Roll”
10.22.08 episode 44 “AM: Freak Out, PM: Optimism”
10.28.08 episode 45 “cough…cough…BURP”
11.04.08 episode 46 “Bum Bum Bah Dah…”
11.12.08 episode 47 “KEYS!”
11.18.08 episode 48 “Shake Yer Butt”
11.26.08 episode 49 “the twist…’s ALIVE!!”

2 responses so far

2 Responses to “Podcast Archive!!!”

  1. Marieon 30 Apr 2009 at 3:32 pm

    I got a new mac computer so I don’t know if this is the problem I got all episodes from 50 up in itunes but now I want 49 down. I dowladed them into documents but I can’t get them from my documents into itune. Can you explain how? Sorry to be such a pest but I just discovered you and want to listen from the beginning

  2. Carinon 08 Mar 2010 at 9:53 pm

    I am having a problem downloading episodes 32 and 42.5. I’m so sad. How do I get these?