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Oct 19 2008

on our own…

Published by Meghan at 3:16 pm under Babble

well, ry is off. he’s been driving in the car with his bro-in-law for about 8 hours so far and probably has another 4 to go. here’s hoping that last leg of the journey goes quickly and safely.

little man and i are holding down the camp here. we went to my mom and dad’s for breakfast this morning. little man romped around with his two girly cousins. they played tag, did summersaults, played trucks, took turns tackling me, etc. it was all good fun. little man and i loaded up around 12pm and head home. when we got here, he ate some chicken, and then he got his “Noopy” dvd and his stuffed “Noopy”. he came over to get me, so we went upstairs, crawled in my bed, snuggled up, and watched “Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. we watched for about 20 minutes, and his eyes got droopy, so i changed him and put him to bed for his nap. he’s been sleeping for about 3.5 hours now.  tired boy.

while he was sleeping, i decided that having the basement (aka the dungeon) to play in this week would be a great thing. the kitties had taken over again. not going to the bathroom on our side of the basement, but for whatever reason, if they have a hairball, they like to do it over there. so while little man snoozed, i scrubbed the carpet, bleached the stairs (kitties didn’t always make it downstairs), vacuumed, put in an air freshener (smells like a basement down there), and installed a gate at the top of the stairs (incase little man wants down there and i can’t go for some reason). whew. i’m pooped.

i have a feeling the week is going to go like this. when i’m nervous, i clean. i’m not nervous, but just feel off knowing ry won’t be home for a week. he hasn’t been gone for more then one night in about 5 or 6 years. he just doesn’t travel. especially now that we have little man. but, he’ll be gone this week. and another week in november.  i figure it’ll be a great time for me and little man to rebond. do some extra snuggling, cuddling, playing, learning, etc.

speaking of which, i hear him waking up. time to get some lovin! :)

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