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Feb 17 2008

new banner….

Published by Meghan at 9:10 pm under Babble,Spinning

well, i still don’t have the specifically designed for me banner….between work and the scanner cable missing (apparently i lost it?), the dear husband hasn’t gotten a chance to do it just yet. for now, i created one so we don’t have to look at the golden gate bridge anymore. how about dem apples?

that is a photo of my first handspun, if you want to know! i need to spin more. this romney isn’t making me happy…just not fueling the fire….it just isn’t very gratifying to spin i guess…i think i might just spin the rest up thick and thin and call it a day…or just move that spindle off to the side so i can finish it at a later date….i think that sounds like a plan….

i have an entire spindle full of lace weight singles spun out of karaoke soysilk roving. my grandma is allergic to wool, and i keep thinking it’d be nice to use some of this to knit up a lace scarf for her. i was thinking maybe i would knit the Tiger Eyes Lace Scarf up. i just really like this pattern for whatever reason. my only worry? is that my singles are going to break….maybe i should spin another spindle and either ply them, or just use a thicker spindle? hmmmmm……

i think i need to finish my current projects before i add another to the pile….i still haven’t knit any amigurumi for owen’s birthday…i have 6 days now….

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One Response to “new banner….”

  1. Natalieon 19 Feb 2008 at 8:10 am

    I think the new banner works great!! I like to try to finish things off before I move on but sometimes I just have to set it aside. :) Good luck