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Feb 22 2008

longest day ever….

Published by Meghan at 10:50 pm under Babble,Crochet,knitting

do you ever had one of those days that you NEED to get a bunch of stuff done, and something happens that was totally stupid, and it derails you for the rest of the day?! i was supposed to shop, clean the house, shower, and spin/knit/sew/crochet (insert craft here) if i had time….all i got done was shop….and then i did something horribly stupid, and the day was ruined! oh well….i’m glad the party isn’t until the afternoon/evening tomorrow!

i still went to knitting group, though! got a few repeats done on my front left piece of my CPH, did the armhole decreases, and just need to knit the height. i like that this is going faster! it’s very nice to see results.

i really really want to make some dinosaurs or something for little man….one of the woman in my knitting group made one for her grandson, and she got a phonecall from him at his bedtime thanking her for the dinosaur. apparently he insisted on calling her to say thank you before he would go to bed (dinosaur in hand). i want that! only, it’ll most likely be treated like the knit bear i made him. a smile, a hug, a quick kiss, and then it’s tossed on the floor! hmmmmm……..i bet a crochet dinosaur would go really fast, though….and be super cute!

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