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May 29 2008

Little Critter Swap!!

Published by Meghan at 9:28 pm under Uncategorized

Okay! it’s finally here! a chance for you to swap a little critter!
For this swap you will knit/crochet/felt/sew a little critter of your swap partner’s liking, pack said little critter away in a box containing $5-$10 of goodies (ziplocked, so as to protect the little critter from melting hot chocolate lava), and mail said box off to the aforementioned swap partner by July 9th.
see? simple and fun!!!

please, use scrap yarns. we (royal we) want this to be as inexpensive and stash busting as possible.
please, don’t sign up unless you know you can complete the swap.

nothing is sadder then a swapper without a box containing a little critter with $5-10 (ziplocked) goodies for them to enjoy.

if you are interested in joining, signups end June 14th. How do you enter? email me at stitchitpodcast at gmail dot com answering all of these questions, and have your topic say “Little Critter Swap”.

:) just that simple!

1. Who are you? (name)
2. Where do you live?(address)
3. Phone number?
4. Email address?
5. Ravelry name?
6. If you could be a critter, what kind would you be?
7. Most favorite pet you’ve ever had?
8. Any allergies? or aversions to certain foods/drinks?
9. Would you mind swapping with someone outside the US? (assuming you live in the US)
10. How are you? (ya know, just cause i want to know how your day is going! hahahaa)

Alright, Lets make some Little Critters!!! Go forth, and produce!!!

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