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Jul 26 2008

keeping busy…

Published by Meghan at 3:09 pm under Babble,knitting,Spinning

first off, i apologize. i owe you pictures of baby booties!!!
here they are:
ain’t they the cutest?! those are the Saartje Bootee’s pattern and they’re SO cute/quick/easy!

saturdays and weekends are usually full of hustle and bustle around here. that’s when we get to do all the “fun stuff” we like to do together. but i find myself looking forward to that time on saturdays when the little man is sleeping, and ry is away at band practice, and the cats are both sleeping in their usual spots….because the house is all mine once again! i get to do whatever my little heart desires!some days it’s full with things i HAVE to do (like dyeing fibers or sewing cases for an upcoming show, weeding the garden, cleaning the house)but today? today i had true MY time. time for me to do some things that i WANT to….
baking peanut butter cookies for our neighborhood picnic
feb baby sweater
knitting a february baby sweater for my future niece!
artclub batt
finishing up a bobbin for my HHHH partner
spunky roses & artclub hallow tree
plying up the spunky/artclub singles that i spun last month to be used for a sweater someday…although now i’m thinking mittens

truth be told…..i sold charlie yesterday…charlie is my lendrum….i’m spending the weekend with charlie..getting him cleaned up and ready for his new home where he’ll be working with spinning students. i’m clearing off his bobbins. giving him a good wipedown….and eventually, packing him up and mailing him off.when it comes down to it…i’m actually kinda sad to see him go. i wish i could afford to keep charlie around so that if anyone around me ever said “maybe i’d like to learn how to spin” i could drop charlie off and let him do to them what he did to me over the past 6 months. make them want to spin all day and all night and never think of doing anything else….

part of me is scared. scared i made a rash decision selling my wheel. scared that i won’t be able to afford a new wheel. but, sometimes, ya gotta put yourself out there, take a chance and hope something good happens to you…and then i got an email with a picture of a wheel from my local spinning store…and i’m starting to think i made the right choice selling charlie…
wheel i'm looking at....
i’ve never touched her…i’ve never seen her in person….but somehow, i feel like we are destined to be together. it’s like love at first sight! i feel like i want to adopt a puppy i saw in a picture on line. i’m going to visit this green & flowered beauty this week, and if we get along (and i can afford her), she’ll come home with me…and we’ll make beautiful little yarn babies and live happily ever after! (hahahahaha)here’s to new opportunities!!!

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3 Responses to “keeping busy…”

  1. sweetdawnybrownon 27 Jul 2008 at 6:27 am

    She’s BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Bethanyon 27 Jul 2008 at 1:02 pm

    ooh, lovely pictures, yum cookies and OH! pretty wheel…funny how that happens, you sell, something becomes available! good luck!

  3. Tanon 29 Jul 2008 at 2:50 pm

    Is that a Susie? I have a Rose and I really like it.