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Oct 31 2008

happy holloween!!!

Published by Meghan at 10:58 pm under Babble

nothing says halloween like a list about myself! dana tagged me.

6 quirky yet boring and/or unspectacular details about myself…lets do this:

1. i eat my skittles/m&ms in color order….i usually arrange them together in like colors and arrange those groups in ROYGBIV(rainbow) order….and then i start eating one from each color until they’re all done. (hey, you asked for boring….)

2. i haven’t shaved my legs in about 6 years…..why? because i don’t have anything to shave! i mean i could shave the peachfuzz that grows on my legs, but half the time the hairs just bend over and don’t get cut. plus, it’s all so fine, no one can really tell if i have at all, so why bother?

3. before i obsessed about spinning, i  obsessed about knitting. before i obsessed about knitting, i obsessed about hair. i read and posted on forums all the time, and my weekends were spent trying new home cooked hair treatments. boy do i know how to have fun! (i’ve found myself  looking at hair sites again this week….i’m thinking of cutting the hair short again….what is my deal?!)

4. i like to harmonize. when i sing in the car by myself, i try to do harmonies instead of singing along with the melody. i think the reason i like a lot of the bands i like is because i can sing those harmonies easily.

5. i’ve had an insane number of jobs in my life. never been fired, and people were always sad to see me go…one’s with taxable paychecks and w2′s include: candy girl at theater, chinese takeout, drycleaners #1, drycleaners#2, kohl’s, park district, brewery, cozymels, starbucks, security, copy girl, mail sorter, afterschool program, xray receptionist, chiropractic claim processor, teacher, mortgage processor, account manager, underwriter, and now service coordinator. that doesn’t include the pet care service, nannying, babysitting, house cleaning, and lessons i taught for cash. :)

6. i’m a sweets lush…i constantly get candy bars at the cash register at the store or an ice cream cone from mcdonalds while i’m out, eat it in the car, and hide the evidence. from who? i still haven’t figured that out. probably from myself more then anyone else. not like ry or anyone else gives a crap what i eat. i think it goes back to stealing cookies when i was growing up, and i had to eat them before any of my 4 brothers or parents found out….like the thrill of eating sweets is in the cover-up of those activities? no idea….but yeah.

alright…that’s all i’ve got….like i said….insanely interesting, huh? hahaha

i’m going to tag: erin, jenny, emily, coggie, and janice
you’re it ladies!

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3 Responses to “happy holloween!!!”

  1. Coggieon 01 Nov 2008 at 9:02 am

    ok :) I will get to this soon.

  2. Aunt Marthaon 01 Nov 2008 at 10:01 am

    I harmonize in the car too!


  3. Janiceon 03 Nov 2008 at 5:06 pm

    Quirky yet boring? Boring is easy… but quirky? Hmmm….