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Oct 13 2009

episode 90: “make your wheel eat it”

episode 90:”make your wheel eat it”

October Podcast Donation Incentive:
Grafton Fibers has donated a set of DPNs for the October incentive. IF you donate during the month of october, you will be entered into a drawing to win a set of their original DPNs in size 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and a set of size 0 glove dpns. SO FABULOUS! you will love them!

-apple butter, apple sauce, and apple pie! and still more apples!
-installed a water filter all by myself
-checked out the farm and fleet. fun stuff there!
-strawberry pots and rotation ideas
-mulch….i NEED to mulch

-farm week at school
-placemats game
-the whisper technique

fibery goodness:
-finished my forest canopy shawl. it is blocking in the basement. HUGE
-working on coraline still
-plying yarn with irish/bobbin drive is awesome
-new fleece washing technique=brilliant! thank you spinning spider jenny!
-preparing for Rhinebeck!!!

favorite thing:
Fall mornings

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One Response to “episode 90: “make your wheel eat it””

  1. Denise/CTon 15 Oct 2009 at 12:19 pm

    Yippy! Your coming to Rhinebeck!! I look forward to meeting you in person there. Your podcasts have been such an inspiration for me, making me a bit home sick at times (I’m from central IL originally). I have been enjoying my journey into spinning listening to each podcast. You have taught me things I just didn’t find in books.
    I love your description of Farm and Fleet, it was always the one store that my father would take us with him when he went shopping. Shopping with Dad was nil otherwise. When my sons where young, boots were so expensive. They out grew them so fast, but I could always get a good pair of snow/rain boots for a good price at Farm and Fleet. Even if I did have to ship them back to CT from IL.
    And Megan, don’t think of mulch as money down the drain, think of it instead as “buying vitamins”. You are adding so much nutrition to your soil. Your plants are going to pass that on in the products they produce be it flowers, veggies, or fruits, and you will be healthier for it.