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Sep 02 2009

episode 85: “i’m the vacuum whisperer”

episode 85: “i’m the vacuum whisperer”

winner of August’s donation incentive is Janice! You have received an email, and will be getting the lovely handpainted sock yarn from Winter Mountain FIbers! congrats! Thanks for all of the donations!

September’s Donation Incentive donor is The Spinning Loft! Beth has put together a bag of spinning treasures!
1 ounce of light brown cashmere cloud
1 ounce of undyed tussah silk
a spinning loft oil pen
and zip bag to keep it all in

on/off the needles:
-baby belle is beautiful!!!! perfect buttons
-OWL dreams
-Coraline… finally! mods away!!!!

coming up:
-renegade arcade
-wisconsin sheep and wool
-stitches midwest
-rhinebeck!!!!! and i’m going!!!! with the knitmore girls!!!

-back to the school routine, teacher reports already
-great hair mix up
-fixing the dyson
-furlough fun

word of the week:
steek  [steek, steyk]
–verb (used with object) Scot.
to shut, close, fasten or lock (a window, door, or the like).

-spinning video review Spinning with Patty Anne
-weight your yarn: yes? or no?

favorite thing:

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