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Apr 15 2009

episode 67….delayed

Published by Meghan at 8:58 pm under Uncategorized

i know i know. i’m delaying again.
i was going to come up with some elaborate lie as to why i’m postponing recording. but you know what? i felt i owe you guys the truth.
and the truth is, i’m crabby. i’m just flat out crabby this evening. and i think it’s poor podcaster form to record when i’m crabby. no one wants to hear that. although, i bet some people would find a crabby meghan amusing, it’s just not pretty.
i’m thinking that what i’ll do to prevent this kind of thing from happening again, i’ll start recording a couple days in advance of publish date. that way, if i have a crabby day/sick day/sleep day/technical difficulties day, you won’t know. because i’ll just record the next day.
we’ll see.
for right now, i’m going to plan on recording tomorrow night or friday morning. i’ll definitely ASAP!!

thanks for letting me have my crabby moment!


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