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Apr 16 2009

episode 67: “My Comb-over”

episode 67: “My Comb-over”

on/off the needles:
-sweater almost done. issues with math and charts
-socks on the back burner
-bog jacket for little man
-upcoming craft fests. time to get dyeing!
-headbands with handspun. suggestions for patterns?

-hair cut continued
-new hearing aid settings
-”are his ears better?”
-ABCs Daddy! and Five-Teen

-warmer weather
-starting seeds with seed starting chart

-Great Midwest Alpaca Festival in Madison April 25 & 26th
-handcarding random rovings
-Spinning for Softness and Speed by Paula Simmons
-Mastering the longdraw
-what is woolen? what is a longdraw?
-weekend with Deb is coming up!
-I am a visual learner

favorite thing:
Google Mobile

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2 Responses to “episode 67: “My Comb-over””

  1. Crystalon 25 Apr 2009 at 3:58 pm

    I was listening to your podcast yesterday and heard about the great midwest alpaca fest.

    Thank you for mentioning it. I’ve been wanting to learn to spin. I went out there and was able to find what I needed. And my daughter got to see an alpaca.

    Thank you.

  2. Cathy Herboldon 12 May 2009 at 5:51 pm

    Dear Megan,
    I’m a 57 yr old mom of two boys and 1 grandson. I live in Oregon with my Husband John. I just want to encourage you about your sons hearing. I have been hard of hearing since I was young (5 yrs) from dead ear nerves due to high fevers as a kid. Back then, earing aids and such were well you know. I did not get my ears tested for them till I was 15, by then who wanted to wear one big thing hanging over my ear. Also had a Mom who is a perfectionist, well we could not have such a thing wrong with us.
    It is amazing, even nowadays, how many people , even at my age will have a fit if they have to repeat themself, or talk louder for you. But no one questions someone wearing coke bottle glasses.
    It is good that you are doing what you can for Owen at an early age for him to get used to dealing with being hard of hearing and learn to deal with the put downs that come along the way. So hang in there, don’t give up.
    Thank God, that both our boys and grandson are not hard of hearing.

    You take care of that little one he will grow fast, and with your help be able to deal with all the things that will come his way.

    Love Cathy