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Jan 25 2008

Episode 6: “Gummy Bear Victory”

Published by Meghan at 1:01 pm under Podcast Episode

Episode 6: “Gummy Bear Victory”
Thanks to Changelings Knit and Stitch Podcast for mentioning me! I appreciate it! Good podcast with awesome accent! i love it!

On/Off the Needles:
-Baby shower is all done, and secret project has been revealed! Little Turtle Knits Hybrid Wool Soaker. Great pattern, easy to follow, LOTS of sizes included!
I’ll post pictures once I get them from my cousin….once again, I gifted before I photographed!

She got a pair of Baby Legs as a gift, and they were SO cute! use them on arms or legs! i totally want to knit myself a pair!!!

-Tilted Duster: Sleeves are nearing completion. I need to figure out how to seam…i’ve never done it, and for whatever reason i’m scared (hold me!)

-No knitting group this week….but I share my story of imperfection knitting corruption. Do you knit for perfection?! or are you okay with the ebb and flow of stitches done right?

-Cast on Bellatrix Socks using magic loop. want to try to knit 2 on 1 circ. Mention a book that just came out called 2-at-a-Time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. and I found this Blog Tutorial that shows how to do it (links are on side bar…looks like he has some other helpful things on there too).
***Update: I ended up ordering the book the day after I finished recording the podcast. I thought it’d be helpful to have it on hand…and it was only $11.53…so i rationalized it***

-Tomten…still not on needles…i’m scared of fires and melting….

Silly story about owen dancing for gummie bears.

-Used wheels are still a good option.
-Spun up spunky eclectic’s party dress because it’s COLD and i want mittens! (see photo)
-I have ThinYarnPhobia. Trying to conquer fear through direct approach. spinning as thin as i possibly can!
-I am a spinning snob….will try to be less worried about “wasting fiber”
-Spinning Guild Meeting is on monday…Should I bring my cape? or wait?
-Yarn School…I so want to go!
-Do you really save money spinning?

-Please sign up. it’s so totally awesome! Take the Tour and sign up!

My Favorite Things:
2 favorite things for the price of one!!!!
-Grilled Cheese and tomato soup complete with assembly and serving suggestions
-I am a Behind the Scenes Ho!

thanks again for listening! please feel free to contact me on ravelry i’m itsjustmeghan. or send me an email stitchitpodcast {at} gmail {dot} com.
or leave a comment here!

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