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Dec 31 2008

episode 53: “To Infinity, and BEYOND!!”

hi all! i’m working on show notes for this one. we have been busy the past couple evenings.

i DID want to let you know that there have been major issues with’s service lately. my podcast and others hosted by them are just not downloading easily. i’ve uploaded this podcast 2 times in the hopes that maybe ONE of them will work for you. all i can suggest is to keep trying. there is no rhyme or reason why it works or doesn’t work. and unfortunately, doesn’t have email support any longer. i’ve gone to the forums to ask for help from fellow podcasters, but they are saying the same thing. it’s hit or miss, and there is nothing they can do.

SO, please hang in there. i am going to be checking into other hosts to see if i can get it working better somewhere else, and i will try to make it a smooth transition.

fingers are crossed it goes easily!

episode 53: To infinity, and BEYOND!!

episode 53: To Infinity, and BEYOND!! (uploaded again)

on/off the needles:

-Bella Mittens are DONE!!!


- Podcast catch-up: Socks are back on the needles

-My mitten pattern using handspun & flecks

-The High Fiber Diet Podcast New Years Eve Cast On!!

-Color in Spinning by Deb Menz

-Dying up yarn for my February Lady Sweater



-our christmas

-Buzz Lightyear!! To Infinity, and BEYOND!!”

-Wall-e Obsession


-new toys: Clemes and Clemes hand cards & Polwarth from

-Flicking out locks article by Beth from the Spinning Loft

-Class i REALLY want to take at the Spinning Loft:

“January 30th & 31st Class with Master Spinner Lorraine Smith

Workshop 1: Friday afternoon, 3 hours: “Blending unique roving using handcards”

That’s right, blended roving for easy spinning, created with hand cards. This workshop will lead participants through the basics of carding in a way that yields unique, colourful blends that are a delight to create and even more fun to spin. We will work with a wide range of fibers and colors to experience the world of options that fiber-blending creates. (No carding or blending experience is required. If you don’t own handcards there will be some available to borrow during class.)

Workshop 2: Saturday all day, 6 hours “Spinning with blended fibers”

In this workshop, we will explore a range of blended roving for their spinning properties and potential end uses. Participants will have a chance to work with blends prepared in the blending class, as well as experimenting with a range of other blended fibers through spinning and plying techniques. (Spinners need either a wheel and/or spindle and the ability to make yarn hold together. Hand cards are optional.)

You can choose to take one or both of these classes but the Friday class will “blend” very nicely into the Saturday class.

Class Fees –

Friday Only – $65 – Includes Materials

Saturday Only – $120 – includes lunch and materials

Both days – $165

Don’t forget to reserve your space for the really fun Wool Shop Sleepover on Friday night if you will be attending either or both of Lorraine’s Classes.

-Spinning for a sweater article by Amy King of Spunky Eclectic

Knowledge: Predrafting

-Predrafting isn’t really necessary if you are working with freshly carded or combed fibers. BUT, if you are working with fiber that has been packed, washed, shipped, dyed or stored for a while, then it most likely will need some predrafting. All you are doing is getting the fibers to start to slip again, and opening up the fiber again. this will help make drafting at the wheel easier, and thus result in a more even and consistent yarn.

favorite thing:

The Flip Mino HD hand held video recorder

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3 Responses to “episode 53: “To Infinity, and BEYOND!!””

  1. PattyAnneon 01 Jan 2009 at 8:23 am

    Hi Meghan,

    Both podcasts came through for me!!

    Happy New Year!!


  2. dawnon 03 Jan 2009 at 2:23 pm

    …as usual you have your finger on the pulse of my spinning info needs!

  3. Karen (TetaKnits)on 12 Jan 2009 at 4:49 pm

    Megan – My husband was given a Flip and we LOVE ours! It’s so small, so easy to download onto the computer! We used it at one granddaughter’s BD and the best footage of the cake interaction (she was 1 year old, so you know what I mean here!) was the footage from the Flip. I used it again for granddaughter #1′s 4th BD, and was able to hand the camera to my daughter, she downloaded into the computer and we headed home. No muss, no fuss! Yes! This is also one of my favorite things!!

    (I’m actually still a few podcasts behind, but I’m catching up! Now to go find those bath soap recipes…)