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Dec 03 2008

episode 50: “Battle Damage!!!!!”

episode 50: “Battle Damage!!!!!”

1 year anniversary of stitch it podcast approaches!!!!

on/off the needles:

- hat for knitsix’s collection

-FINALLY finishing the seed stitch scarf (photos once i actually finish the thing…hahaha)

-hat for ry for his “work uniform”

-a scarf for little man, using some handspun from Marciaviola

-Bella’s Mittens for me!!!!

Bella’s Mittens-Twilight by Tahra Loy: $5 pattern using worsted weight yarn

Bella’s Mittens by Marielle Henault: free pattern using bulky weight yarn

as for the books? i’m on book 4 now….and yes, i do freely admit i have a problem….the Twilight series are taking over my life! hahaha


-owen’s new look

-construction zone

-tree lighting ceremony (yes, i forgot the camera!)

-finally…i’m a “grown up” when it comes to christmas

-how to dye noodles for projects

supplies: box of noodles, ziplock bags, rubbing alcohol, and food coloring

how to: put a teaspoon or so of alcohol in a ziplock, add some food coloring of your choice, add a couple cups of noodles, close bag and shake (or hand to child willing to shake bag). once the color is all over the noodles, open the bag and let them air dry (distract child you just had helping, because they won’t want to wait). once they’re dry, craft away! you might need to spread the noodles out on paper to help speed the process.


-spinning with stephanie

-working on the superwash BFL from Cosmic Fibers Yarn

imparting my knowledge : the right way, and the wrong way

-the right way and the wrong way to spin your roving

remember, pet your roving head to tail. then spin it head to tail for a smooth yarn

-the right way and the wrong way to twist your skein

look at the last layer of twist. if it is twisting \, then you want your skein to twist \

if it is twisting /, then you want your skein to twist /

who’d a thunk it?!

favorite thing:


Christmas in a Cup aka mint hot chocolate

using mint flavored syrup or peppermint schnapps.

Home Made Hot Cocoa

-heat milk on stove on medium low heat until the milk is steaming a little, turn it off then

-in a cup, mix together a few tablespoons of cocoa, a table spoon or so of sugar, a little vanilla extract. add a bit of water, and whisk with a fork until these ingredients come together and make a chocolate syrup. pour syrup into warm milk, whisk with fork, pour and serve. mmmmm

it’s really a free form recipe, but you can cater it to your tastes. if you like a darker chocolate hot chocolate, add more cocoa. if you want it sweeter, add more sugar. mmmmm….i need a cup now

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One Response to “episode 50: “Battle Damage!!!!!””

  1. Lindy-Louon 04 Dec 2008 at 12:06 am

    Tonight’s podcast was very interesting, as yours always are. I have a couple of comments–one about Christmas and one about your favorite thing.

    I think you and your husband are very sensible to think about what is important to you where holidays are concerned. It’s difficult to put the brakes on spending too much money on things that don’t give you real joy because everthing around us urges us to overindulge.

    I have just one suggestion which I learned from raising four children and enjoying almost thirty years of holidays with them. Oh, I should tell you I was two years old when I had my first child–I really couldn’t be old enough to have fully grown children.

    What I learned from mistakes is this: Though I fully understand that getting your son nice presents is important to you, I hope you and your husband remember that your son is learning about being an adult from you two. It’s important to teach him that presents and treats don’t stop when a child becomes an adult. You don’t have to give each other matching sports cars, but giving each other thoughtful gifts, small ones if that is what fits your life and choices, is important. Being a parent is hard work, isn’t it? Geez! Now you have to get a present to be a good mother!

    I’ve learned one other thing that relates to your podcast tonight. I would heartily recommend this spin on your minty hot cocoa. Only around the holidays do we do this–it’s too wonderful to do at other times of the year, but around Christmas we have hot chocolate, very hot, and with a scoop of peppermint ice cream in the cup. The ice cream melts and the cocoa gets creamier and mintier and totally Yule-ific!

    Hmmm. Is it close enough to a holiday for me to have some tonight?

    Best wishes to your family!