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Jan 10 2008

Episode 4: “Meet Beth”

Published by Meghan at 12:53 pm under Podcast Episode

Episode 4: “Meet Beth”
First up, thank you for your comments and suggestions! They are really truly appreciated! I love getting to check out all of your project lists on Ravelry when you contact me as well! So much fun!

Well, I did it! I did an interview! It’s over a speaker phone, and I was SUPER nervous, but I think it went really well!!

Listeners, meet Beth. Beth, meet Listeners!
Beth is known as justbeth on Ravelry and Threesmom on (aka KH).
She had the misfortune of having me as a swap partner a few swaps ago. So meet this wonderful woman, hear about her life, her knitting experiences, her family knitting heritage, and her stash!
Beth, thank you SO much for being my first victim…i mean, interviewee. you rock the hizzouse!!!

On/Off the Needles:
-Still working on secret baby projects. Promise to post photos and link to pattern as soon as they are gifted.
-Went to knitting group on friday night at Wool and Company. Talked of my nose piercing trauma before hand (no worries! no blood or anything, just a little shock! it’s all good now!).
-I got to 2nd base with some knitting projects!
-What’s the deal with Noro?

Spinning aka “The Heavens Finally Opened”:
-Found my perfect chair
-Small adjustment made life a LOT better!
-Spun Soysilk, and it’s destined to be Leg Warmers or Wrist Warmers.

Went to Esther’s Place Fibers in Big Rock, IL. My new Home away from Home. Bought a bundle of stash, but I’ll tell you more about that next week! (muwahahahahaha)

Charity Stitchin’:
-I explain why I got Knitting for Vincent started, what it is, and where you can contact me if you’re interested in donating. All of this while trying not to cry. (I’m a big baby.)

Living an Organized Lie:
-I’m not an organized person, just trying to pretend i am one
-Got my socks & patterns all lined up (see the horribly lit photo above) so my grab and go sock bags are ready!
-Busted out the calender and wrote up my knitting agenda for the next month or so. If you attempt to do this, don’t plan to far in advance (you never know what new cute pattern will catch your eye!) and make sure you give yourself buffer days before due dates of projects.
-Deadlines are your friends!

My Favorite Things:
my favorite thing this week is dancing in the kitchen. i blab about my childhood memories, and new ones i’m creating now. and i think i sing a little bit in there too…..sorry about that!
not only is dancing in the kitchen entertaining, you can multi-task, bond with child/husband/cat/dog, and shed pounds ALL AT THE SAME TIME! wow…..

Thank you for listening! Please feel free to contact me by leaving me a message, sending me a pm on ravelry c/o itsjustmeghan, or you can email me at stitchitpodcast {at} gmail {dot} com.

Have a great weekend!!!

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