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Sep 02 2008

Episode 38: “Olympian in the Making”

Published by Meghan at 8:48 pm under Babble,knitting,Podcast Episode,Spinning

Episode 38: “Olympian in the Making”

On/Off the Needles:

-Shawl is coming to a close! well, almost….

-Virtual Knit and Spin-in on friend Betzi, and see you 8:30 eastern
-Sideways Spencer...pretty cute!

-knitting a gauge swatch for my February Lady Sweater

-Nona Multiplier Madness + using the numbers on the pattern already to come up with correct size

-We call them pirates hat will be cast on this week….if i can just get the lighter color yarn plied up and washed!


-Olympic summersaults

-No tv past 12pm = better sleep? we’ll see….

-learning how to listen now that he can hear

-a rough day at work…

Charity Blanket Knitters:

here’s everybody for the East Coast BLankets that just finished:


Here’s our knitters: Silja, serenknitity,jerseyshoredeb, justbeth, dsdknits, martha24, knittingnovice, knittinmichelle, Pania, and Tonya


Here’s our crocheters: siljadevine, Tonya, Innerpeace1081, knitpirate, Pattyb, saranicole01, dsdknits, and Pania.

And for the West Coast Group, i received the Spring Fever blanket today to knit on! :)


-BFL is the new light color for ry’s hat

-ramboulliet top for a nice cropped cardigan? or gifts? ORDERED! Crystal Creek Fibers

-SOAR is coming…. Spinning 201 is the workshop… Interviews? interested? let me know!

SOAR homework (brought to you by ellenspns):


Blue Faced Leicester aka BFL:

-also known as the Hexham breed

-long haired sheep that were breedings of different hill sheep from the Hexham area

-named Blue Faced because of the black skin with white hair on their face creating a blue appearance

-long staple lengths 3″-6″

-nice even crimp, with deeper crimping, making it easier to draft

-next to skin softness, and a luster that other wools don’t have

-very easy to spin, making it great for beginners

-spins from the fold, long draw, super fine, or loose singles all very easily

Favorite Thing:



One response so far

One Response to “Episode 38: “Olympian in the Making””

  1. Aurelijaon 05 Sep 2008 at 5:45 am

    Hello Meghan!
    I just wanted to pop in and say how happy I am to have found your podcast.
    So far I have only heard the newest episode, but I will definitely be going back and listening to all the episodes.
    It was so heart warming to hear you talk about the sturggles from your job, I have felt exactly the same way numerous times. Also I enjoyed your conclusions and the fact that you talk about the things with the intention of solving them. Very few people actually do that, but you really expressed your wish for development and that is something I admire most in people. I loved how you talked about seeing the potential in the little boy and looking forward to having solved the situation, so that in the future you could use it to find hope for others as well.
    My comment is probably kind of messy but you just really touched my heart with your honesty and positivity.
    I have just added you as a friend on ravelry, my name is KnittingDakini.
    All the best to you and good luck!