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May 28 2008

Episode 24: “The Royal We!!

Published by Meghan at 8:58 am under knitting,Podcast Episode,Spinning

Episode 24: “The Royal We!!”

June 14th is World Wide Knit in Public Day
Bighillgirl sent me this one:
I wanted to let you know we are doing a World Wide Knit in Public gathering in Sonora, CA. We will be knitting AND spinning in Courthouse Square on the main street, Washington street from 10 to 2.

Knitting On/Off Needles:
-MORE squares for littleman’s Barnraising Quilt squares
-Jay Walker Socks
-Thank you to Lise for the shout out from Knitting Rose Podcast

Little Critter Swap:
Sign up. Knit/Crochet/Sew/Felt a Little Critter. Send him/her off in a box with $5-$10 worth of goodies on to your swap partner, and in return you’ll get a box with a Little Critter and goodies of your own!!!
Sign ups will end June 11th. I’ll be posting a questionnaire on here, and you can either PM me your replies on Ravelry, or you can email them to me stitchitpodcast at gmail dot com.
You have one month to get it all mailed out. Last day for mailing is July 9th. Join the Ravelry Stitch it!! podcast listeners group and we’ll have a thread up there for people to post/chatter/share!
*Stay Tuned!!*

-Bob Update. Silica cat litter is BAD!!
-Littleman is a cornball!
-Constructor Craftfair is a SUCCESS!!!! I tell you all about my adventures!
-Monkey Bread mmmmmmmm
-Work update! yeah!

-Production spinning
-Spinning Bunny Superwash Merino Tencel blend. I got Oriental Poppies and Butterfly Bush.
-Meghan vs the Superwash Merino Tencel blend. MEGHAN VICTORIOUS!!!! my secret weapon? Spinning from the Fold
-Navajo Plying Video

My Favorite Thing:


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4 Responses to “Episode 24: “The Royal We!!”

  1. Erinon 28 May 2008 at 10:27 pm

    Now, I haven’t listened yet as I just got home. But is your favorite thing the Little Man or the salad spinner? Or both together? Does it make you dizzy? Does it make him dizzy? Are you going to ignore this comment until I just listen and find out for myself? Because that’ll be a day or two since I have an audio book to finish. I don’t know if I can take the suspense. Of course, I have the memory of a house fly and I’ll forget that I even typed this comment. What is that you say? I’ve had too many soda’s and Red Bulls today? Yes dear, you would be right. If I were speaking this, you wouldn’t have understood a word I said and you would have said to Owen..”Darling, this is precisely why drugs are bad.” and then use me as an example, even though it’s just WAY too much caffeine. Did you ever watch Beavis & Butthead when Beavis would get hyped up on caffeine and said he was Cornholio? Yeah. That’s me. What was I saying again?

  2. Carolineon 31 May 2008 at 3:02 pm

    You mentioned me! Yea!

  3. Courtneyon 05 Jun 2008 at 11:10 pm

    That is funny that you mentioned Sonora Ca… I grew up there :-) I lived there for 18 years :-) It is a small but pretty city :-) I now live 3 hours away in Sacramento area.

  4. Ruthon 09 Jun 2008 at 2:43 am

    Yay, I finally got to listen to this after spending 4 evenings downloading the file! It was worth the wait and I really enjoyed the show, you sound like a really fun person Meghan :) I’ll definitely be listening again.


    PS I hope Bob is doing better. My kitty Lui had to wear a collar like that for a while (we called it the funnel, and he was known as Funnelhead). Poor cats do get miserable when they can’t wash themselves.