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May 07 2008

Episode 21: “Meet Tonya!”

Published by Meghan at 9:15 pm under Babble,knitting,Podcast Episode,Spinning

Episode 21: “Meet Tonya!”

Today we meet Tonya!!! The microphone is a little poppy, and you hear me moving it back and forth. sorry about that!
she mentions She Knits patterns, Gossamer Shawl, Central Park Hoodie, and Running Moon Farm Fiber Retreat

On/Off the Needles:
-The Fawkes Socks are finished!!! they are blocking and will be off in the mail ASAP!
-007 Monkee is on the back burner
-Barn Raising Quilt is being knit for the little man
-Wisdom Sock Yarns Los Angeles
-Newfound love for DPNs
-Two-toned Shrug is nearing completion!!!
-My love for the Double Point WIP tubes

-Maryland Sheep and Wool love! My fleece is on the way!!!
-My very own fiber fest! new jumbo/plying flyer for my wheel and a niddy noddy.
-Niddy noddy’s explained
-Nikol from Yarn School’s etsy story Artclub. AMAZING monthly batt club!!! great organic wool roving and yarns at reasonable prices! yeah!
-Sock yarn has been completed!
-Salad Spinner!!!!!
-Spinning semi felted merino

Contest & Babble:
-Thank you for all of the great contest entries!!!!
-Pre-emptive worrying! see? not perfect!

Favorite Thing:
Probiotics. Ry’s story and his success.
here’s some i found online:
Bio K
Xymogen Lacidolfil
Renew Life
otherwise, you can buy them at Trader Joes or you can eat lots of yogurt with live cultures. Like Activia

Thanks again to Erin for making our new Stitch It Podcast button! Adopt it and let it live happily for ever more on your blog! :)

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