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Apr 23 2008

Episode 19: “My Dad vs The Mibs”

Published by Meghan at 10:23 am under Babble,cooking,knitting,Spinning

Episode 19 is up!

On/Off the Needles:

-CPH is finally done!!!! Quest for a good button is on.

-Fawkes Socks: 1.5 down, .5 to go

-Rusted Root revisited

-Monkey KAL


-Blanket for the little man…Knit? or Crochet?


-Fixed roof!!! WAHOOO!!!!!!!

-Job worry

-Inherited traits?

-Story of the Mibs

-Picking boogies, hating veggies, loving fruit, and suckin thumbs

-Needles take a break during the summer, garden get attention

-Tree is coming down, dirt is on the ground, patio is being enjoyed!

-Peonies, Bleeding Hearts, and Dahlia’s. Here’s the Dahlia Cage tutorial.

-Spray painting planters

I’ve been spending time out there, spinning, sipping tea, and listening to audiobooks and podcasts!

patio spinning


-adventures in longdraw technique

longdraw batt from esther’s place

-Beaded yarn is done, beautiful, and ready for a contest!!!



-Bamboo and sari/marino in effect!

-I’m spinning up “Bad Robot” superwash marino from


-Audiobook-along new one starting soon!!! join us!!!!

-Sock yarn struggle

Favorite Thing: Cool Treats!

-Frozen red grapes

-Frozen yogurt tubes

-Low fat Ricotta cheese, splash of vanilla extract, splenda, blueberries/raspberries

-Low fat Ricotta cheese, coacoa powder, splenda, strawberries/raspberries

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3 Responses to “Episode 19: “My Dad vs The Mibs””

  1. Laurenon 24 Apr 2008 at 12:36 pm

    knit blankets are siofter, better for wrapping up, a little more flexible.
    crochet is sturdier and more visually fun, and maybe more fun/fast to make?

    here’s a blanket that my friend monica knit for robin from cotton yarn. we adore this blanket.

  2. Annelieseon 26 Apr 2008 at 6:54 pm

    Hi, I thought the mib thing was pretty funny! My mom hated fuzzies on the carpet. She calls them, “noogies,” with a hard g (same as the word go).

    She wanted us to vacuum strictly to get rid of the noogies, the opposite of your dad!

  3. labablaon 08 Jun 2008 at 1:54 pm

    I thougth you only had a spindle, now I see this pic…a spinning wheeeeel, did you buy one ?