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Mar 21 2008

Episode 14: “Snakes on the Rocks”

Published by Meghan at 8:40 am under Crochet,knitting,Podcast Episode,Spinning

okay, first up, i’m sorry. i’ve been horrible about getting show notes posted in a reasonable amount of time. from this day forward i’ll definitely try to get the show notes up with the podcast. no real banter this past week, because every waking moment is spent worrying about a kitty. i’ll return to normal soon (i hope!)

Episode 14: “Snakes on the Rocks”

Thanks to Tea. You’re awesome! Thanks for the shout out on Knit Therapy Podcast.
Thank you to everyone for your support and kind words about Bob.

we’re still hoping he’ll be home with us this weekend!! thank you for being so wonderful. you really have made it easier. PEE, BOB, PEE!!!!!!

-Knitting and walking….needless to say it was an adventure!!! lesson learned: i need a sock bag!
-Knitting bag disaster!!! GRRRRR!!!!!
-CPH knitting with audiobook-a-long. i had to tear back, though….the front and back pieces are now blocking:
blocking CPH
blocking CPH
-Easter chicks are in progress!!! check out his “green” beak and feet!!! hahahahaha
easter chick

-Queen Kahuna Creations Crazy Toes & Heels Sock Books and Sensational Knitted Socks are on the “i would like to buy list”

-Breakfast with the Bunny at Brookfield Zoo. Kids are terrified of characters in costume. Awesomely horrible band playing. Cold day at the zoo.
-Worms, snakes, river swimming, and childhood memories.

-Plying with thread….Here is what i was hoping my yarn would look like…Here’s what mine looked like…well i can’t find my camera cord, so i’ll post it tonight! hahha
-Stitches….lots of anxiety about going, and do they have fiber?!?!
Drop Spindles:
-don’t buy one on ebay
-an even spin is good!!! look for that! wobbles are bad!
-Article on Top vs Bottom whorl spindles
-Schacht Spindle
-Butterflygirl Designs beautiful drop spindles, great customer service.
-Ann Grout Spindles hand designed ceramic spindles done by an Irish historian. Beautiful!
-Spinsanity Spindles handpainted beautiful drop spindles.
-Bosworth Spindles feeling spendy? go for a bosworth. supposed to be one of the best spindles available.
-BFL or Bluefaced Leicester and Corriedale are both great! long staple lengths and enough crimp to make it easy!!!

My Favorite Thing:
I love my Mac computers. It knows when i plug things into them, my mac will know what it is and know what to do with it. i plug in a printer, it works. i plug in my camera, it opens iphoto and it starts pulling my pictures. it’s SMART!!! they are a bit more pricey, but honestly, WELL worth the investment because you won’t fight it and it’ll last a LOT longer!!!!

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4 Responses to “Episode 14: “Snakes on the Rocks””

  1. Chelseaon 21 Mar 2008 at 12:45 pm

    Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry that Bob is sick right now!!! :( I’ve had some serious scares with Big Mama Kitty. She couldn’t keep food down and we couldn’t figure out why. It turned out that she has IBS (yes, the same that humans have) and she takes Prednisone now. I think of every day with her as a gift beyond what we thought that we would have with her. We all wish Bob healthy hugs and wishes (Big Mama Kitty and Paddy especially since they’re also dog-cats). :) Huge hugs!!!

  2. Leigh-Anne Dennisonon 21 Mar 2008 at 1:36 pm

    Fellow cat lover, crafter and knitter just listening to your podcast (for the first time) and wanted to give you for Bob best wishes for good health.

    My oldest kitty Marble, age 17, was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. We have to give her medicine every day now, and we’re not sure how its going to turn out…so I’m in full empathy mode with you there.

    Anyway, here’s hoping that Bob is feeling (and peeing) better soon.

  3. Jillon 22 Mar 2008 at 12:03 am

    Cute Chick! I used to make ones similar but also made a two piece egg (with hinge) that the chick “lived” in. The cousins loved to take them in and out of the eggs – then stick them in their mouths – they were typical kids.

  4. Janiceon 27 Mar 2008 at 9:58 pm

    Cute chick, but why are his beak & feet green?! ;)

    Just to let you know, Kingsnakes are not poisonous. Kingsnakes are not harmful to people, although they might nip you if they’re really pissed off. They will eat other snakes though, not something that a lot of snakes do. We fed our kingsnakes fish and rodents.

    The kingsnake is often mistaken for the venomous Coral snake. Both have red, black, and yellow bands–the rhyme “red next to yellow will kill a fellow, red next to black poison lacks” comes in handy in North America. In other parts of the world, the coloring isn’t a good indicator of which one is safe and which one is dangerous (those Coral snakes can be tricky!).

    Thus ends the herpetology lesson for today. lol

    Pee Bob, pee!