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May 06 2011

episode 131: “where was i? crazytown!”

i’ll try to get shownotes written up…for now, here’s the link:

episode 131: “where was i? crazytown!”

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2 Responses to “episode 131: “where was i? crazytown!””

  1. Tina's Closeton 06 May 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Hi Meghan: I guess you were talking about your uplifting experience at Tina’s Closet in Town Down Lisle. Thank you for your referral. One of your followers just left, who was visiting from Ma. with her up lifting new look. She was so happy and so appreciative. She told me that you were so happy she would try Tina’s Closet. She said that she had gotten fitted at other stores but never had she received so much knowledge and support. You made her very happy and I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day. Thank you! Sincerely Tina

  2. Lee Bernsteinon 07 May 2011 at 2:09 pm


    I enjoyed this episode very much. I smiled at your honesty when you talked about how you feel when you meet your listeners: “I always worry I’m going to disappoint listeners . . . because I’m not that cool . . .”

    You ARE that cool. You are sweet, kind, caring and lovable. It was a joy to meet you at Camp KIP.