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Mar 08 2008

Episode 12: “Meet KaRi”

Published by Meghan at 3:17 pm under Podcast Episode

Episode 12: “Meet KaRi”

Meet KaRi! also known as CoggieTM on Ravelry. Learn about her life, her kitties, her crochet, her wedding dress, her knitting, etc! Thank you, KaRi!!!

On/Off the Needles:
-Bellatrix socks are officially off the needles, but not done! Tried doing them one at a time, and no go!
-Blueberry Waffle Socks are on the needle now after trying to knit them english….no such luck. i now am getting a good tension continental. (and have since finished my first sock and started the second)
afterthought heel sock
-CPH is still being worked on, just slower because the sock is such a distraction! Front right piece…
-Nano/Cobweb felting class was awesome! i might even have a fiber hookup!!
-Tangent on how i fell asleep early….AGAIN
-Afterthought Heel Tutorial i found on how to do Coggie’s favorite heel. It’s been very gratifying and very fast knitting the sock!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

-Thank you, Jeri for Mill Ends Fiber!!!! I can’t wait to spin it up!!!
-Thanks to Knit Views Podcast and Divaknitting Podcast for the shout outs!
-I won lace weight!!! what the heck should i knit with it?!?!! I guess i need to learn how to knit lace weight
-Charity Knitting blanket signups have been great!!! over the next 2 week i’ll get everything all sorted out and i’ll contact you!! thank you SO much for all of your help! i can’t wait to see this happen!!!!
-Thanks BarknKnit podcast for helping recruit people!!!! Definitely go check that podcast out!
-Whoa is me, I can’t get unemployment while i’m in school…bummer. BUT, I got a phone call the other day and have an interview for the Service Coordinator position!!! i’ll be able to help other people and families!!! :) Fate brings you so far, you need to make the rest of it happen!!!!
-Little man said Percy the other day!!!! and we got him a big tent and he loves it!! (see photo below)
-Chest Freezer is in effect!!! I suggest making meat shingles! Pork tacos & Marinara are done and tasty!!! I got the make a mix cookbook
-Stories about my tiny kitchen & our poor food habits
-Composting? Help me make my house even more green!!!!

My Favorite Thing:
My Favorite Thing this week was given to me by Faery Knitting Podcast and it is LibriVox. I’m so excited about listening to books while knitting! and if you want to find suggestions on what to listen to next, use Amazon to give you suggestions!
I got Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Secret Garden, Little Women, The Little Princess, and The Blue Faery Book. YEAH!!!!

**since the podcast, we’ve started an audiobook “read-a-long” in the Stitch It!! Podcast Listeners Group on Ravelry, so join us reading Emma**

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5 Responses to “Episode 12: “Meet KaRi””

  1. Juliannon 09 Mar 2008 at 3:59 pm

    I have been composting since the beginning of time. I keep a large yogurt container on the counter, and then I remove stuff to the composter daily or every other day. I live alone, so I don’t have that much stuff. You don’t have to buy a really expensive composter, but there are all kinds out there. My neighbor just took a plastic garbage can with lid, and he throws stuff into that. I have one that I punched holes into that does not have a lid, and I put manure into that with leaves and yard waste. That keeps the garbage stuff separate. I have hauled my composter around everywhere I move, and I take dirt with me too. It is too precious to make it and leave it. A freezer is such a necessary thing to a young mother. You can make your own frozen fruit pops for the kids this summer with water and fruit juice. It is also fun for kids to have frozen juice cubes in their fruit juice glass. I rent books from Anyway, I enjoy listening to your podcast. Thanks!

  2. Juliannon 10 Mar 2008 at 10:32 am

    Meghan-Thank you for your response. Google has not been kind this a.m. I am unable to get into blogcast for some things-like photos. Anyway-I found a neat website Earth 911 that has a great section on composting. I will try later to put mre pics on my blog site. I finished the yellow yarn, and it was very pretty. Thanks, again.

  3. noelleon 11 Mar 2008 at 2:48 pm

    What do you want to do with your compost? We have a lot to compost in the summer when we are canning/freezing fruits or veggies and cleaning lots of produce. I usually have a large bin (my hubby brought home from Starbucks) that one of the boys empty every night after dinner. Our pile is just in the back corner of our yard.

    Just found your podcast and I LOVE IT. I have been crocheting for just over 4 years and I learned to knit just over a year ago. I love doing both, but wish I had more time to spend with my yarn.

    I listen to you while I am driving to work (with my 2 littles watching a movie) as a nanny for 20 month old twins and their almost 4 year old brother. Thanks for making the time to do a podcast. Good vibes to you about your job interview tomorrow. It sounds like a GREAT fit for you!

  4. Chelseaon 12 Mar 2008 at 4:48 pm

    I just finished your podcast. If you are still looking for ideas for compost, I have a couple. Feel free to email me if you would like some tips! :) Thank you for a wonderful podcast. I really look forward to getting new ones – thank you for keeping us all company during the many things that we do while listening! :)

  5. MaryBethon 30 Mar 2008 at 3:19 pm

    Here’s a composting tip that will work well with your new freezer: Keep a gallon-size zip-lock bag (or a larger plastic container with a lid) in the freezer and empty your daily compostable waste into it. No smell at all as you accumulate enough waste to carry out to the bin!