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Jul 18 2010

episode 113: “Double Rainbow, All the Way”

episode 113: “Double Rainbow, All the Way”

July is being sponsored by Green Mountain Spinnery! they have been so gracious to share a copy of their new pattern book and a skein of their mill spun yarn. i encourage you to check out their website to read about their mill and all of the lovely fibery goodness to enjoy!

-hopefully the sound will get better
-i’m gonna have to turn off comments on the shownotes page.

little house in the suburbs:
-started clearing out the basement some more, weighed out fiber, until scale ran out of batteries.
-i got a book on chickens. thanks to Roue

-joining a CSA and super excited about it!

-littleman is an artist
-car whoas, and the realization that living in the suburbs ain’t always so grand.

Spin Control Podcast Promo! with my buddy Shilo

ask and ye shall receive:
-Anitat “I want to learn about whacking the yarn (don’t understand this at all) ”

fibery goodness:
-REALLY loving spinning for big projects and knitting little ones
-been dreaming of mittens this week
-still working on my shawl
-tour de fleece update

favorite thing:
First watch:

Then watch:

double rainbow, all the way

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