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Jun 30 2010

episode 111: “She’s like a SHARK!!”

episode 111: “She’s like a SHARK!!”

June’s podcast donation incentive prize has been sponsored by They have donated a shawl kit for their new Counterspell Shawl that just debuted at stitches east!
So pretty! the kit will include one skein of Acero by Brooks Farm Yarn, pattern, beads and needles for the shawl.
if you donate to the podcast during the month of June, you will be automatically entered into the drawing. :)

-planted a veggie garden (bag style!)

Lay out cardboard in selected area, and soak it completely

Arrange your top soil bags, slash holes in the bottoms for drainage, and cut open the top for planting.

add some fertilizer to the dirt, plant your veggies/flowers. tomato and zucchinis get 1 per bag

completely cover bags and cardboard in a finely ground mulch. cage plants that need it, water, and PRESTO! a garden!

-unpacking the basement
-bonding with my neighbor aka the shark!
-the willow is at the front door!

-restocked the freezer. using baskets=genius!
-strawberry rhubarb & ice cream. yum!

-power wheels

fibery goodness:
-the fiber workshop/workbench area
-culling back the fiber stash further
-montedale for tour de fleece

favorite thing:


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2 Responses to “episode 111: “She’s like a SHARK!!””

  1. drmollyon 01 Jul 2010 at 9:30 am

    Meghan, your “new house” looks great and TLM appears to be having a good time with his new surroundings. Congrats on all tha happiness.

  2. Talithiaon 01 Jul 2010 at 2:38 pm

    Hi Meghan, just wanted to tell you how sad I was for the Little Man. I can not believe the Willow limb (my gosh huge) fell. I am happy to hear He has a (New) jeep. Love the podcast. You are “My Favorite Thing” thanks for all the work that you do on the podcast. You are very much loved. Talithia