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Feb 28 2008

Episode 11: “Good Day Sunshine!!”

Published by Meghan at 2:25 pm under Babble,knitting,Podcast Episode,Spinning

Episode 11: Good Day Sunshine!!
It’s SUNNY!!!!!

On/Off the Needles:

-Central Park Hoodie back and front left piece is done! KAL on ravelry is going well, and people are finishing things up fast! Join us! Share photos! I have plans for a second one already!

-Bellatrix socks are by the way side. Maybe i’ll knit them one at a time so i can see results?

-Stockinette sock wants to be cast on! Yarn Harlot’s Sock Recipe was on Knitty Gritty.

-Emergency hat knitting for little man! We lost his hat, and needed a new one. so here he is in all his hat glory:

little man's hat

little man's hat 2

-I’m writing up the hat pattern and will post it here ASAP! Any suggestions for a name for the hat?

-Knitting with handspun is AMAZING!

-New sweater lust! Urban Aran Sweater….Brooklyntweed did it as a cardigan mmmmmmmmmm…..Yarn Harlot is doing it in blue….mmmmmmmmm


-Welcome Robin Christine! She’s so cute!!!

-The disaster that was my Friday!!!! Silly, Meghan!!!!!!!!

-In the Company of the Courtesan a strange pick, but so far a very interesting read!!!

-Birthday adventures!

-If you come to Chicago, get an Italian Beef sandwich. I suggest Portillos. You can actually get their beef/gravy and rolls mail order! GET SOME!!!

-Little man puts his monkey to bed! 2 words! YEAH!!

-THANK YOU, Silja!!!! I’m going to be a 50′s housewife!!!

-THANK YOU, Dawn!! The powdered dyes are great! Check out dawn’s podcast Knit Naturally

Charity Blankets:

-Baby blankets are the first project!

-If you are interested, email me by March 6th at stitchitpodcast {at} gmail {dot} com with:

name, address, email address, phone number, ravelry name, knit? crochet? or bi-crafty?, needles to donate?

-On donated needles, first person casts on and knits 3 inches in 100% acrylic (especially with the restrictions most NICU’s have due to allergies), in a reversible stitch, fill out a journal entry about what they hope for that baby, they pack it up and mail it off to the next person in line!

-THANK YOU, Shandeh for all of your help! i really appreciate it!!!!

-THANK YOU, BethanyG & Tonya & Justbeth for volunteering to help!!!

-Do you want to do it kinda like a swap? sending little gifts along for the next person in line? it’s whatever you guys want to do!!!
-Silja is across the pond and wants to do one over there! So please feel free to volunteer!

-My spinning mojo is BACK!!!!! Spinning up my Sugar Plum Corriedale from Dyed in the Wool
-Rambling about my love of handspun and how they all look different! Please go check out spinning groups on ravelry to get a taste of this new crack! (first one is free! next is going to cost ya! mwuahahahaha)
-Spinning guild CANCELED!!! GUH!!!!!
-Ryan is a dork!
-Questing for spinning camps! I want to learn! I want to share that knowledge!
-Thank you for volunteering to write letters of reference! :)
-Karaoke Soy Silk is all washed up and ready to go now! Frustration with the dye bleeding, though!
karaoke soysilk handspun

Favorite Thing:
I Love Naps!!! I napped in college, I napped when i worked at starbucks, I napped at grandma’s, I napped at the swimming hole, I napped with my kitty, I napped with the little man, and now I nap alone!!!

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3 Responses to “Episode 11: “Good Day Sunshine!!””

  1. auntmarthaon 28 Feb 2008 at 7:46 pm

    How ’bout TriceraTops for the hat?

  2. Laurenon 06 Mar 2008 at 12:05 pm

    Thanks for the shout-out!! I think it’s so cool that our kids have the same birthday. Clearly they are both destined for awesomeness. I have been listening to your podcast while nursing Robin in the middle of the night. Pretty fun!

  3. sabrinaon 30 Apr 2008 at 1:04 pm

    Om goodness… I love your podcast. I have 4 kids ages 4,2,6m,6m. My twin girls were born preme and had to stay in NICU. I can not tell you how much a blanket or a hat means to us. I was unable to leave the hospital while they were in NICU and my husband was in Iraq, so blankets and hats were few and far between. We were given 2 hats and a couple of hospital blankets. The fact that life is presious and we are all sitting in a sterile and dark place it is awsome to think of people thinking of us and making something for someone they have never met. Your blankets weren’t in time for us but the whole idea… I just wanted t give you a big hugg and a huge thank you from all the people who will never get a chance. Thank you for everything… Sabrina