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Feb 21 2008

Episode 10: “So….Cold!”

Published by Meghan at 9:43 pm under Babble,knitting,Podcast Episode,Spinning

Episode 10: “So….Cold!”Episode 10! double digits! wahoo!!!

Warning!- lots of babbling and i get sappy a couple times in there! just wanted to let you know!
Very cold, and i’m ready for warmer weather!

On the Needles:
-Central Park Hoodie is going REALLY well. Cables are motivation!
-Jane Austen talk for a bit
-CPH knit along going well! people doing all kinds of different things, so neat to have that! Join Us!!
-Cabling without a cable needle! Genius!!! has a tutorial
-Bellatrix socks have been restarted, but i want to get Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Rules book so i can use her sock pattern for a plain stockinette sock, so i can just knit that, and have a sweater or cables or whatever be the difficult part
-Tomten is not buttoned…..then i ramble about the little man’s daycare birthday party
-I’m gonna keep with the Friday Night knitting group. they’re my kind of people!
-Intarsia? Fair Isle? maybe….
-Signed up for the Nuno/Cobweb felting class

-Sewing and catching up on podcasts like:
Knitting at Night Podcast with Casey. she’s awesome!
Faery Knitting Podcast with Erin
Sticks & String Podcast with David
Stash and Burn
Penny Arcade my video game podcast
Fun Fact!!! Meghan married her “high school sweetheart”!
Knitty Nora’s Knitting Natter new podcast i find fun.
Diva Knitting new podcast by a fellow person. lots of knitting and spinning content
Knit Picks Podcast I love Kelly, but especially loved when she was free from her script. so refreshing!
-Meghan vs. Sewing Machine
-Longing to sew Jane Austen type dresses… in my hunt, i found these. SO DAMN CUTE! now i just need to learn how to sew….
-Little man is better but a snot factory……
-Little man says Bye….Thank you!
-I love the little man. His birthday is this weekend, and then i cry about loving my husband.
-Living out of the freezer.
-Signing accomplishment….i cry a bit again here…but so proud!

-I don’t like Romney….so i’m putting that bobbin to the side for now…
-Planning on spinning Alpaca & Cormo, and knit the Brioche Scarf from Weekend Knits
-Soy Silk for grandma’s lace scarf
-Susan’s Fiber Shop retreat and camp
-The Fold in Marengo, IL
-SOAR camp, and my thoughts on applying for their scholarship.

Where Meghan is: where I tell you where people listen to me:
-I helped keep someone company while painting their craft room
-I talked to someone while she was in the dentist chair getting a tooth extracted…AHHHH!!!!!

This week’s Favorite Thing:
Heated Mattress Pad…….i miss you!!!! rest in peace! i’m SO cold…..and i saw AWESOME a lot. hahaha

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6 Responses to “Episode 10: “So….Cold!””

  1. Chrison 22 Feb 2008 at 6:40 pm

    hi meghan,

    You mentioned in your podcast about trying a faire isle sweater. Check out this pattern: It is called the Roslin Faire Isle Hoodie. I know you like hoodies for fall and winter and this is really cute. I am still contemplating knitting the CPH….we will see.

    Just Love your podcast!


  2. Jeanieon 23 Feb 2008 at 2:27 pm

    I love listening to your podcast! You are SO upbeat….. even when you’re “weepy”.

    Oh, and I don’t like Romney either ;-)

    Keep on “rambling”.


  3. Shevonon 26 Feb 2008 at 8:16 pm

    You’re so much fun to listen to!

    I mostly listen to podcasts at work, I’m an actuary, so today you were with me while I ran some catastrophe modeling for the insurance company I work for!

  4. Lorraineon 02 Mar 2008 at 10:24 pm

    I’ve just been listening to your podcasts. I really enjoy them. Something you said about spinning I stuck out to me. Like you, I am a new spinner. I also struggle with, “what should I know next?” Books can only get you so far. In some cases you really need someone who can “show you the ropes” so to speak. I”ve been hitting up the local guild meetings. Good Luck on your search.

    BTW: How can you get all this done with a 2 yr old? I have a 20 month old. I was lucky to make it to the last guild meeting on time, let alone anything for their show and tell. I love this little guy, but he is definitely a challenge.

  5. Meganon 04 Mar 2008 at 3:59 am


    I’ve gotten slightly behind on podcasts in general, but finally caught up on yours! I heard you mention the spinning retreat for Susan’s Fiber Shop. I’ve been debating about going to that too. I live on the eastside of Madison (in Monona) and her shop is about a half hour from here (and I think the hotel is a little further east). Anyways, tell me if you decide to go… maybe we can meet up :o).

    BTW.. Susan is really nice. I bought my wheel from her and she was very patient in showing me how to spin. I’m sure she’d be able to show you anything you might care to learn!

  6. Christenon 07 Mar 2008 at 2:22 pm

    I got my heated mattress pad for Christmas this year, and I LOVE IT!!!! My video-game-playing-husband is a fan of the dual controls on it, too.

    I found your podcast when I was looking for something to listen to other than the sounds of guys being shot on the video game Chad plays :)