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Feb 19 2008

Cold fingers…Cold toes….

Published by Meghan at 10:48 pm under Babble,knitting

it’s REALLY cold here today….and it feels even colder. why? because i have our heat set on 67…trying to keep the gas bill from being ridiculous! the wool socks, fleece blanket, and kitties are helping chase the cold away, though. i also made chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight. mmmm….. tasty, warm, and good for the soul! I just finished the back piece to my central park hoodie! i feel so accomplished! i got through the BIGGEST piece of the sweater! wahoo! i’ve been all paranoid about gauge, so i measured the piece a few times to make sure i got the right width for the sweater, and i think it’ll be perfect. somewhere between the 36″ and 40″ sweaters….wow….doesn’t that make it around the 38″ size?! exactly what i need!!!CPH, YOU WILL BE MINE!!!! as for the bellatrix socks……..that’s another story………they are growing again…..why do they have to do that?! little man’s bday is sunday….still haven’t made him anything or put buttons on his tomten. maybe i should do that?  

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