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Jul 13 2009

okay…for real…

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shownotes…tomorrow…i promise!

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Jul 07 2009

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so i started thinking, and i am going to try to post more. i know i haven’t been good about it. i got into the tweeting thing, and i have neglected the blog portion of this website pretty badly. so here i am!
with this tour de fleece thing, i have changed my challenge. and in doing so i have encompassed the challenge i set before. i have decided that i’m going to dye up 1 pound of fiber each night for the next 22 days. i actually started this challenge for myself a few days before the challenge started, so i have about a weeks worth of fiber dyed up already. in doing this project, i have gotten to play a lot more with the dye stocks i have mixed. and i have been keeping records of how i mixed up the different color combinations i have come up with, and have come to know the stock colors and how they dye up. it’s been good practice. so i think i’m going to start documenting every couple days what color combos i have dyed up recently.
so that’s the game plan!
in other news, work is stupid. that’s all i have to say about that.
i have to figure out what i’m going to cook for dinner tonight. i’m thinking i might make up some weber grilled chicken (using a recipe from my mom’s old weber cook book), some chicken rice, and some veggies on the side. hmmm. i should get the chicken out of the freezer.
it’s time to get back into crock pot meals. i just saw that on that she has a book coming out! might have to see about that. or maybe i’ll hit up the library and see what crockpot books are available…..hmmmmm
off to defrost chicken!

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Jul 02 2009

episode 78 delayed….

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just wanted to give you a heads up that the episode is delayed. the little man has decided the past few nights he’s not going to stay in bed. instead he gets out of bed, opens his door, says “mommy!” over and over again, lays on the floor by his gate and kicks his door into the door stop over and over and over and over again.
with his bedroom door being right above where i record, it’s not very recording friendly.
and so, i haven’t recorded. but i do have shownotes typed up. so that’s cool.
i’m retraining owen to go to bed. hopefully i can record tomorrow if he cooperates.
thanks for understanding!

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May 27 2009

sponsors and whatnot…..what do you think?

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i’ve been thinking a lot lately about the possibility of getting some show sponsors. they would not only help me keep the lights on, but i’d hope the extra funding would allow me to get to different events, take more classes, and try more products to review.
as much as i would love to throw down the money myself, unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen. and with my birthday and christmas in december, well that leaves the rest of the year kinda open when it comes to exploring new products and classes.

so i thought i’d open up the conversation to my listeners to see what you think.
how do you feel about sponsors? do you mind advertising in your podcasts? do you have any other ideas?

the only other ideas i came up with are:
selling tshirts or pins
creating a cookbook of my favorite recipes to sell
having things to raffle off to people who donate funds

i just feel like i’m not always able to give you more every week. i know i’d love to learn more so i can share more! so, what do you think? i’m open to suggestions!
either reply to the post here or send me an email!
stitchitpodcast at gmail dot com

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Apr 15 2009

episode 67….delayed

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i know i know. i’m delaying again.
i was going to come up with some elaborate lie as to why i’m postponing recording. but you know what? i felt i owe you guys the truth.
and the truth is, i’m crabby. i’m just flat out crabby this evening. and i think it’s poor podcaster form to record when i’m crabby. no one wants to hear that. although, i bet some people would find a crabby meghan amusing, it’s just not pretty.
i’m thinking that what i’ll do to prevent this kind of thing from happening again, i’ll start recording a couple days in advance of publish date. that way, if i have a crabby day/sick day/sleep day/technical difficulties day, you won’t know. because i’ll just record the next day.
we’ll see.
for right now, i’m going to plan on recording tomorrow night or friday morning. i’ll definitely ASAP!!

thanks for letting me have my crabby moment!


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Apr 04 2009

an awesome day!

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today was the best day ever!!!!!!
why? well, let me tell you!
-got to hang out with ellenspn
-bought some thin mint girlscout cookies
-saw a goat being sheared in person for the first time
-got the goat shearing on video
-learned a lot about goats, shearing and their care
-bought an AMAZING corriedale fleece
-bought some locally harvested honey
-bought some merino yarn (for next to nothing) to knit 2 color mittens with
-bought some beautiful merino roving (for next to nothing)
-got to learn about geocaching and ecocaching
-saw the beautiful wisconsin countryside
-got to explore Susan’s Fiber Shop for the first time (TONS of stuff!)
-bought a new set of sock yarn needles to try out
-got elizabeth zimmerman videos and a new paula simmons book
-was gifted some beautiful rovings
-came home to a CLEAN house
-my dad installed the new dishwasher
-my dad cleaned our garage
-my mom did laundry
-my dad fixed our water softener
-my mom cleaned the house
-my parents built a fort for the little man out of the box from the dishwasher

now i’m eating banana bread with honey (mmm), washing some fleece in my laundry room sink, working on my fairisle sweater, and watching some elizabeth zimmerman.

what an awesome day!
tomorrow’s forecast? SNOW. and lots of it!

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Apr 01 2009

episode 65: “I Whiffed my socks!”

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it’s converting into mp3 right now and will be uploaded shortly. the show notes won’t be up until tomorrow. i’m tired! hahaha

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Mar 12 2009

new episode sleep delayed

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i admit it. i fell asleep last night at 7:30pm. when ryan woke me up at 9 to ask if i had to record a podcast, i snapped at him, so he left me alone. i woke up at 2am, totally confused, and sorry for letting my thursday morning commuters down.
i’ll record this evening, so you can have an enjoyable friday morning commute instead!
sorry about that.

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Mar 06 2009

time to make the move!

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been trying for the past 2 days to get to upload. they are having errors on their end, and i’m not the only podcaster with problems right now. unfortunately, they don’t offer technical support, so if it doesn’t go, all i can do is try again later.
so, i’ll keep you posted!
otherwise, i really think it’s time to switch to that new feed!!
in the upper left over there, there is a section on my sidebar that says “feed on!”.
you can choose to subscribe to the feed via rss, or via itunes. click the links, and it’ll take you where you need to go.
i don’t know that is going to be around much longer. it’s just slowly grinding to a halt, so i’d REALLY suggest moving over ASAP!

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Mar 05 2009

new podcast is up…just not on

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i have been trying over and over and over and over and over again since last night to get the new podcast uploaded on
i will continue trying over and over and over and over and over again to get it to upload.
if you want to listen to it now, it easily uploaded and will easily download from the new podcast feed.
maybe it’s time for a change?

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