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May 05 2012


Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

Hi all!
I know that recently my podcast has vanished from iTunes. Unfortunately, because I didn’t have donations coming in anymore I could afford to continue paying for the hosting through Libsyn.
But, fear not!!
I am going to sit down with Ryan later this week and get all of my episodes uploaded properly to this website for direct download. You will have to tell your computer to download the episodes, but at least they will still be available.
Thanks so much for your understanding!!



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Feb 04 2012

The Blog

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

Just wanted to let you know that I got my blog up and running.
Hope to see you all there!

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Jul 16 2011

wanna help a doggie rescue?

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

i all! i know this isn’t about knitting, but i thought that there were a lot of dog lovers out there, and this doesn’t cost anything but a couple clicks of your mouse.

my brother, sister in law, and their friends work really hard with a local non-for profit no kill all breed doggie rescue in chicago called One Tail at a Time. my brother actually fostered and adopted a dog through this agency. her name is maggie and she is rad.
my sister in law is constantly teaching people how to crochet and they make hats and amigarumi to sell to help raise funds for the group as well.
they are entered in a contest held by Kriser’s (a chicago pet store) to win $25k in food and supplies, and they need your help!
they are trying to get the most votes they can to win the contest by July 18th.
all you have to do is GO HERE
and say you want to vote for them. :)
you can vote once every 24 hours, and the contest ends monday.

here’s a picture of my brother’s dog maggie “in her hobo box” as my brother calls it. hahaha

they are really excited about this opportunity as it will help them be able to save that many more doggies in the Chicagoland area. :)

check out for more information on them.

thanks everybody! :)

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Jun 03 2011

I need your help!!

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

hey podcast listeners, i need your help!
we updated the wordpress software on the website and it vanished my archive folder filled with episodes 1-49 of the podcast.
i dashed over to to see if they still had them up on their site, and they only have episodes 34-49.
so, here’s where you come in.

HOPEFULLY someone still has episode 1-33 on their computer somewhere out there in the stitch it universe, and that podcast listener has my hopes and dreams hanging on them right now.

i MIGHT have those earlier episodes on old computers in the basement, but with the crashes that we had over the years, i don’t know that they are safe.
i’m hoping with all of my fingers and toes crashed that i can get all of the episodes from podcast listeners, get them saved on my computer, and start working on uploading them to libsyn…

so please please please, contact me if you have any of those episodes! i will be eternally grateful!!!


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Sep 08 2010

website is buggy!!!

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

hey there! we are still working on recovering from the virus that hit the server for it. so i apologize if things are still all wonky around here!
if you want to download the episodes directly from the podcast host’s site, you can easily do that at:

thank you so much for your understanding and patience! we are trying to get this all sorted out!



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Jun 07 2010

I am off the grid!

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

well, we are all moved. the first day in the house we had an appointment scheduled for our Internet to be hooked up. we soon found out there are no phone or cable lines run to the house. so, we are now waiting for comcast to dig under our neighbors driveway and run a cable to our house.
so, we are kinda off grid right now. we do have our iPhones and that’s how I’m posting this. but I can’t upload a full podcast from here, much to my dismay.

I will try to sit down this week and get something recorded so that as soon as we have access I can upload the podcast for your listening pleasure! thanks so much for your patience and understanding!

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Dec 15 2009

Happy 2 Year Stitch it!! Podcast Contest

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

Thank you so much for listening to the podcast! i hope that you are still enjoying it, and hope you continue to do so!
so, here’s a contest!
Take a listen to episode 96 to hear the contest, and then post your entry here!
i’ll gather all of the prizes for the drawing, post photos and whatnot here, and i’ll draw the winners names on January 1st.

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Sep 25 2009

podcast delay

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

well, i got sick. it’s fall, of course i did! haha. i have a slight head/chest cold, so the past few evenings i’ve been going to bed early.
i’m feeling better, so if owen cooperates, i might try to sneak in a podcast tomorrow while he naps. so we’ll see! i planned on doing it today while he naps, but i ended up taking one too.
thanks for understanding! :)

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Jul 28 2009


Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

well i’m hoping that you will see some changes on the shownotes page. i’m going to be blogging a bit more. ryan is also going to help me get my wordpress updated so that i can use the newest wordpress technology! apparently i can tweet to my blog direct with a new widget that came out (awesome!). i’m also hoping to get it organized a little differently so my sidebar isn’t so long. anyway, i’m planning on posting more often. like 2 times a week. at least that is the hope! hahaha
it might not be terribly interesting, but i’ll put it out there anyway! even if it’s just photos of progress being made.
okay, dinner is cooking. gotta run!

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Jul 23 2009

episode 81: “Gang Busters”

Published by Meghan under Uncategorized

episode 81: “Gang Busters”

The month of July’s donation incentive is sponsored by Cosymakes.
She has graciously donated a copy of her book “Knit One, Embellish Too”
she is ALSO going to give you some of her hand dyed farm wool!
interested in seeing all of the patterns, fiber, handspun yarns she also has available? check out her etsy store!
all it takes is a donation to the podcast during the month of july. you’ll help pay for podcasting costs and have a chance at winning this lovely fibery goodness!

on/off the needles:
-handspun socks still being worked on
-lace project…..hitting the wall
-sweater lust Coraline by Ysolda
-swatching for it with handspun, and using a WPI tool
-Owen’s new hat is a triceratops

-garden and lack of bees
-freezing produce, stocking up, and coupons
-midwest fiber and folk festival (thanks, sherry!)
-pants don’t fit…don’t feel good…time for a change!!!
couch to 5k and yoga!

word of the week:
Nupp- a nupp in knitting is a set of increases done in one stitch, which is later knit together on the other side. ie. knit 1, YO, knit 1, YO, knit 1 is all done in 1 stitch, creating 5 stitches. on the next row, those 5 stitches are purled together into 1 stitch again.
to me? it is a 4 letter word….

-how i spun for owen’s hat
-figuring out a balanced ply for resting singles
-my youtube video
Reactivating Twist in Singles to see a Balanced Ply
-plying up the yarn for swatching. is it balanced? look at the skein!
-2 ply swatches. 3ply swatches (made using navajo ply)

favorite thing:

Netflix and Instant Download

Netflix and Instant Download

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