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Jan 07 2012

Episode 141: “Farewell”

episode 141: “Farewell”

-littleman transitioned to his new school, and all is going well!
-holiday recap

Fibery Goodness:
-Jewel sweater from Custom Knits
-Try-it-on tubing
-Mandel by Fallmarche

4 years of podcasting, and it’s time to say a fond farewell. :)

Favorite thing:
the podcast and everything it has allowed me to experience and everyone it has allowed me to meet. i wouldn’t change it for the world. :)

Please check back here periodically. I hope to start a blog up, so i can still share experiences and what i am doing. it just won’t be me sitting down behind a microphone to do it. I’m also on twitter as itsjustmeghan. please follow me on there if you want to see what shenanigans i am up to!

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Sep 21 2010

episode 118: “Feeling Loved”

show is uploading right now!

episode 118: “Feeling Loved”

i talk about:

elsa wool super soft lovely cormo yarn i rave about
pogona shawl
mara shawl
tangled yoke cardigan
coraline cardigan

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Feb 19 2010


Published by Meghan under Babble,twitter,video

howdy, folks! just wanted to let you know that i’m still alive! disney was an absolute blast! we are still recovering from our vacation. we are quite pooped! i hope that you who follow me on twitter enjoyed our experiences as we go!

Ry and Littleman riding the monorail

Ry and Littleman riding the monorail

Littleman and Minnie Mouse

Littleman and Minnie Mouse

SO, i wanted to give you guys a heads up that i have planned some activity on here!
first off, remember that contest i ran a couple months ago? well, i will FINALLY get names drawn and announce this afternoon.
remember how i said i was going to do the video of how to use handcards? well i’m going to finally get that recorded.
remember how i said i recorded the video tutorial of how to do a crocheted steek? well that video is mixing down RIGHT NOW and will be uploaded shortly to youtube for your viewing pleasure!
how about that for customer service?!

also, i’m hoping to start moving some things around on the shownotes page here to make things a little easier to navigate. like being able to search the site, and less clutter and whatnot.
any suggestions?

so, stay tuned! crochet steek tutorial coming up shortly!

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Feb 05 2009

episode 58: “Dork Rock”

i will begin the process of transitioning to a new rss feed next week. i’ll do it over 3 weeks, so you can all adjust as necessary! :) i’ll keep you posted!

Episode 58: “Dork Rock”

on/off the needles:

-knitting night. cast on a new hat for ryan

-FLS is FINISHED! but it’s blocking…i just hope it fits!

-swatching for the Kingscot sweater….questions about getting it to be longer without loosing the shape/style of the cabeling

-still working on my sock. it’s going well!

Yarn review!!!!

thanks to Krispyknits, i have new squishy yummy sock yarn! beautiful colors, super squishy, and awesome!

you can find her store at

listen to the podcast for a deal on free shipping!!!



-IEP meeting results

-new little man accomplishments!

(i can’t remember what else i babbled about….my notes are at home! hahaha)


-spinning the polwarth on my sick day. almost done!

-Sit and Spin video by insubordiknit. great dvd on how to do all kinds of awesome art yarns. check it out! and watch the preview!

-a weekend with the lovely Deb


favorite thing:


They Might be Giants

music played was Birdhouse in your Sole from the album Flood

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Jan 29 2009


Published by Meghan under Babble,twitter

the one thing i liked about facebook was that you had that one tag line saying “Meghan is…” and you get to fill in the rest.


now i can post from my phone what dorky things pop into my head at any given moment! to me, that’s pretty rad!

so if you’re interested, i signed up.

could i get any dorkier? probably…..

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