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Feb 19 2010

Crocheted Steek Video Tutorial

Published by Meghan under knitting,Pattern,video

So i’ve come to be a lover of knitting in the round and doing a steek for cardigans. Steeking is where you cut (gasp!shock!horror!) your knitting. the thing is, with some extra support before you cut, the sweater stays in one piece and you have a cardigan without having to purl all of those pesky wrong side rows.

You have a few options when doing a steek.
1. you can machine stitch the sweater on either side before you cut
2. hand sew the sweater on either side before you cut
3. crochet the sweater on either side before you cut.

i’m a big fan of #3. i can do it while sitting on my couch, i don’t have to lug out the sewing machine or find a needle, and i love how neat and tidy the edge is when i make the cut. i know my stitches aren’t going anywhere, and i know that when i’m done, i’ll have a very nice clean line.

you don’t need to really know how to crochet, but if you have some yarn and a crochet hook, you too can become a crocheted steek master!

i couldn’t find any video tutorials of how to do a crocheted steek, so this last time i did a cardigan, i decided to film it and share that exhilarating snip with the world. i walk you through how to do the crochet, how to cut, and where to pick up stitches.
with all this knowledge, you now can go forth and knit anything you’d like in the round!

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Mar 13 2008

Episode 13: “Imparting my Knowledge”

Published by Meghan under Pattern,Podcast Episode

Episode 13: “Imparting my Knowledge”

Daylight Savings!!! Hooray!!!!!!
Thank You, Jeanie!!!!!!

-stitching has been set to the wayside to get my spinning done
-the socks: first one is done! i love me some afterthought heels!!!!
-knitting night was canceled! :(
-my name is meghan, and i’m a magic loop single sock at a time knitter
-CPH still working
-my prize lace yarn came…..uh….what do i do with it??
-Snuglets! are super cute! this is the only photo i’ve found…they’re on the right. i hope they come out with the pattern soon!!!
-Holiday Chicks i’m crocheting these for my neices, nephew, and owen for easter. (i’m just not doing the christmas hat). super cute and super fast! i’m finishing up my first one right now!

-Charity knitting assignments will be assembled this weekend! i’m making it my quest!
-Thanks to Knittingfairy for donating needles! super sweet! Thanks to everyone else too who volunteered! is still awesome! We now have an audiobook a long in the Stitch It!! podcast group on Ravelry. We’re doing Emma this time along! Please join us!
-Scary books scare me….imagine that!
-Thanks to the people who pointed me towards CraftLit Podcast

-Dreaming of my garden….mmmmmmm…..
-Little man goes on a “ride” on his new bike
-Nudie Time!!! Little man goes crazy!!
-Job interview for the perfect job…….money i stupid….

-Finished my Dyed in the Wool Sugar Plum sock yarn!!!!!!!!
dyed in the wool

dyed in the wool

ain’t it perty?!?!
-want to try beaded yarn
-Spinning yarn from different clumps of colored roving to create a cool multicolor yarn!

How to Make a Lazy Kate:
supplies: shoe box, 6 knitting needles or dowels
-Insert knitting needles through the box in this design. make sure the two ouside needles are high enough that your bobbin will have room to spin on them (ie. if they’re bigger bobbins, move the needle on the far left and far right higher up)
lazy kate
lazy kate

-When you put your bobbin onto the holding needles (the two outside needles), be sure that the yarn is coming off of the bottom of the bobbin. if it comes off of the top, it won’t tension correctly. with the yarn (coming off of the bottom of the bobbin, right?) go up and over the next needle, then down and under the final needle. do a mirror image of this on the other side, and you’re ready to ply!
lazy kate

Run out of bobbins? NO PROBLEM! wind your singles onto a toilet paper tube! fortunately, these work in the make shift lazy kate as well!!! either wind them by hand, or if your winder lets you, wind them straight onto the toilet paper tube:
winding onto toilet paper tube

i actually wind mine straight off the spinning wheel’s bobbin without the brake line on, or if i want to make it easier, i load the bobbin into my lazy kate box and wind from there because it’s tensioned! yeah!!!

now, don’t you feel smart?!?!

My Favorite Thing:
I have naturally curly hair, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE Jessicurl Hair Products. I’ve been using these same products for about 9 or 10 months now, and i love it! owen and i both use it. i don’t spend money on random products anymore that just get used once and live under my sink full. I love the Gentle Lather Shampoo, Rocking Ringlets Styling Solutions, and Confident Coils. For my conditioner, I just use Natures Gate Aloe Conditioner.
You Have the Right to Remain Curly
-other tricks, Shampoo only a scalp and finger comb suds through your hair. your hair will be less dry, smoother and shinier. otherwise, rinse with cold water upside down at the end of your shower. and i totally suggest “Plopping” or “Plunking”. Check out the videos they are extremely helpful!!!
okay, enough hair stuff!!!

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Feb 29 2008

TriceraTops Hat

Published by Meghan under knitting,Pattern

Because i said i would, (and people actually seem to want it), here is the pattern for the hat i knit up for the little man!  it was cleverly named “TriceraTops” by AuntMartha on Ravelry, and i think it’s a perfect name! yeah!

Okay, i’m going to give you 2 sets of instructions….

one for knitting it little man size with the same weight yarn i used.

one for knitting it any size, with whatever yarn you want.  (which will be given like this).

because i spin, i appreciate when people just give you a formula for a pattern, because usually i have NO idea what weight my yarn will be when i’m spinning it!  plus, mommies need cool hats too!!!!


2yr old size (calculate your own size)

gauge= 4 stitches per inch (measure your gauge, x=stitches per inch)

heavy worsted yarn (use whatever yarn)

needles= size 5 circular or whatever you need for gauge (use needle that will produce a nice fabric, and measure gauge)
Cast on 76 stitches loosely (measure victim’s head, multiply measurement by x. then, subtract 1/2x. this will give you the number to cast on. ie. head measures 19.5″ times 4 stitches per inch = 78. 78 minus 2= 76)

next section, same for both toddler pattern and (calculate your own size pattern)

Round 1. Place marker to mark beginning of round, join in the round, Purl 1 round

Round 2. Knit 1 round

Round 3. Purl 1 round

Round 5-9. Repeat rows 2 & 3

Rounds 10-?. Knit in stockinette stitch until hat measures 6-6.5″ (knit in stockinette until it looks deep enough for victim’s noggin)

Now comes the tricky part. We are going to divide the top stitches into 3 different areas and kitchener stitch them together.  Section 1 will be 24 stitches, Section 2 will be 26 stitches, and section 3 will be 26 stitches. (take number of stitches cast on, and divide in to 3 even numbered sections as close in stitch count as possible)

each section will be folded in half, and kitchener stitched together with itself. I found that having an extra double point needle around was helpful during this process, because i could slip half of the section on the double point, fold it so it’s lined up with the other needle, kitchener, and do it again on the next sections.

i will try to take photos of this, but the bad pictures are what i’ve got for now to help with this section. in the end you want your hat to look like this on top:

Left Earflap-

Look at hat and decide which section you want to be the front, and lay hat flat with the brim at the top, and front of hat to the right. Pick up 19 stitches, keeping in mind that ears are not directly in the center of your head when wearing a hat. (Take number of stitches cast on and divide by 4, and make it an odd number. This is the number of stitches you need to pick up ).

So you will want the center of these stitches to be further to the left, like this:

Row 2-6 knit (knit until earflap is 1/3 the length you’d like it to be)

Row 7. knit 1, SSK, knit to the last 3 stitches, knit 2 together, knit 1. (same directions)
row 8-10 knit (knit next 3 rows)

Row 11.  knit 1, SSK, knit to the last 3 stitches, knit 2 together, knit 1 (same directions)

Row 12. knit (same directions)

Continue repeating row 11 and 12 until you have 3 stitches left. knit an I cord until it is long enough to tie. (same directions)

Right Earflap:

Lay the hat flat with the brim up and the front to the left. pick up 19 stitches (the same number of stitches for last flap) centering the flap off to the right.

Follow same instructions as the Left earflap.

Weave in ends, put on victim, and enjoy!!!

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Feb 08 2008

A better afghan description

Published by Meghan under Crochet,Pattern

first few rows of scrap afghan

i’ve gotten a few requests on ravelry for my afghan pattern and listening myself again on that earlier podcast, i realize i’m very confusing. again, it looks a lot more impressive then it actually is. so, i’ll post my description for the pattern here and i’ll put a picture up today of my progress too so you can see what it looks like so far. maybe eventually i’ll put together a pattern section on my sidebar for it to hang out in. we’ll see.

my sad little description here is:
chain an even number of stitches loosely

Row 1: single crochet

Row 2. turn, chain two (acts as double crochet), *double crochet 2 times in next stitch, skip one stitch. repeat from * until you get to the last stitch. end with one double crochet

Row 3. turn, chain two (acts as double crochet), *double crochet 2 times inbetween the two double crochets on the row below, repeat from * until the last double crochet, 1 double crochet in last stitch.

Row 4 and Beyond. repeat #3 until blanket is width you want, single crochet last row.

i’m doing the chain, row 1 and row 2 in my “main color”. then i do the next three rows in different colors (so each row is a unique color), then a row of main color, and repeat.

i’ve done this blanket for babies, toddlers, housewarming gifts, wedding gifts etc. it’s perfect, mindless, relaxing, and i can do it mostly solid with a few stripes, all striped, all solid (though i prefer the striping). it’s just a nice stitch!

If you finish a scrap afghan, be sure to share it and i’ll post it here so all can see! :)

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