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May 26 2011

episode 132: “Goodbye, Old Man Willow”

episode 132: Goodbye, Old Man Willow

-garden, garden, garden
-swingset goodness
-goodbye old man willow
Old man willow
-garden, garden, garden
Garden 2011 may
-bread and the love of oven thermometers and pizza stones

-playing with the neighbors

fibery goodness:
-finished the neverending maltnomah
-casting on simple hats
-spinning up Norbert’s Jacob fiber
-preparing fiber from THE BIG PROJECT for the tour de fleece

favorite things:
Popsicles on a sunny day

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Nov 18 2010

episode 122: “cutely interrupted”

episode 122: “cutely interrupted”

November is being sponsored by Babknits and Welshmillie’s Whimsies!!

Babknits is offering a prize for a knitter or a spinner! Knitters prize will be: hank of handspun, shawl pin, needle felted sheep. Spinners prize will be: 4oz drumcarded batt set or spindle kit. check out to see what goodies she has to offer!

Welshmillie’s Whimsies is offering up a $20 giftcard to her shop where you can choose from adorable animal stitch markers to project bags! check out Welshmillie’s shop to see what goodies you could be winning!

Shownotes coming soon! well, mostly like they will be done on Tuesday when i get back home!

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Jun 03 2009

episode 74: “O is for…uh…what IS that?!”

episode 74: “O is for…uh…what IS that?!”

June’s show sponsor is
Little Meadows Farm
The Donation Incentive for June is:
4 bars of their hand made Goat Milk Soap (in your choice of flavors) and a hand made beeswax candle.
To qualify for this wonderful prize, please donate to the podcast during the month of June.
Otherwise, if you are interested in supporting our sponsors, please visit their website to see the wonderful soaps, goats, and sheeps they have available!

on/off the needles:
-socks…ugly but still coming along
-reworking owen’s wardrobe
-Baby/Toddler pants/shorts tutorial
-owen’s pj’s before:
-owen’s pj’s after:

you wanted to know:
“How do you do it all?”

-a day in the park
-summer break and feedback
-O is for…..uh…..what is that?
-my helpful little helper

green thumb:
-snap dragons
-secret garden progress
-new tomato plants
-why it “pays” not to mulch
-jarring/canning/preserving. need books. any suggestions?

SOAR project
please call 646-462-4031 x 27505 and leave a voicemail with your name, where you are from, and what you have learned from my SOAR experience.
don’t have a phone? record something with your computer or send me an email
All responses need to be in by June 25th.
-lusting after fleece
-wool is a lot like my hair, and the saga of the overwashed fleece
-re-reading books

favorite thing:

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Apr 29 2009

epiosode 69: “69…woooooo!”

episode 69: “69…woooo!”

on/off the needles:
-socks. too snug, too big, just right?
-Grafton Fibers Darn Pretty Needle review… basically, i love them!
-tangent about supporting small business owners

-owen’s hearing aids returned home
-hearing aid box art project
-adventures with a toddler and lotion

green thumb:
-lilac bush dead….now what to do?
-don’t think flower bed will have enough sun for full veggie bed

-trip to deb’s delayed
-washing fleece. how do you know it’s clean enough? but still a nice amount of lanolin?
-sweater drying racks are on their way

favorite thing:


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Apr 16 2009

episode 67: “My Comb-over”

episode 67: “My Comb-over”

on/off the needles:
-sweater almost done. issues with math and charts
-socks on the back burner
-bog jacket for little man
-upcoming craft fests. time to get dyeing!
-headbands with handspun. suggestions for patterns?

-hair cut continued
-new hearing aid settings
-”are his ears better?”
-ABCs Daddy! and Five-Teen

-warmer weather
-starting seeds with seed starting chart

-Great Midwest Alpaca Festival in Madison April 25 & 26th
-handcarding random rovings
-Spinning for Softness and Speed by Paula Simmons
-Mastering the longdraw
-what is woolen? what is a longdraw?
-weekend with Deb is coming up!
-I am a visual learner

favorite thing:
Google Mobile

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Feb 25 2009

episode 60: “Proud Momma”

episode 60: “Proud Momma”

new feed episode 60: “Proud Momma”

new feed address:

knitting on/off:
-cold weather and mittens
-swatching the polwarth
-creating a sweater pattern
-kingscot on hold
-knit wall-e= awesome!!!
-little man’s sweater quilt
owen's sweater quilt 2 owen's sweater quilt

-little man’s first day
first day of preschool
-bus issues
-looking for spring….when do you start seeds?

-polwarth finally done!
handspun polwarth
-barber pole singles
-carding up SOAR leftovers
-hand carding video coming soon
-hand cards vs drum carders…..i babble about this WAY too long…
-fiber festivals? any suggestions?
-sheep to shawl competitions

favorite thing:
Shamrock Shake
have them mix it half and half with chocolate….so tasty!

oh, and if you want to know where you can find one visit:

apparently i’m not the only shamrock shake lover!

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Jan 28 2009

episode 57: “when the stash attacks…”

**i didn’t change feeds yet. itunes and aren’t playing nicely this morning. please try again! otherwise, you can always get it directly through the link below. i’m trying to get the podcast moved in the next week or so, just waiting on an email back from libsyn’s tech support. i’m sorry for all of the confusion and frustration. please hang in there! i promise it will get better soon!!!**

episode 57: “when the stash attacks…”

on/off the needles:

-february lady sweater…STILL ON THE NEEDLES

-wrong gauge socks

-new socks cast on with handspun


-Kingscot is in effect! thanks to the gift of stash! Elann Peruvian Highland Silk

-felted blanket



-no more cookies!!!

-little man’s IEP

-big boy bed!

-come on! (jedi style)

-when the stash attacks!


-working on the polwarth

-short draw vs medium draw vs long draw

-long draw youtube video

-hand carding & long draw videos coming soon…i promise…for real…it will eventually be there…i mean it.

favorite thing:



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Jan 25 2009


Published by Meghan under Babble,hand carding,video

it’s like they KNOW.

they KNOW when you had hoped to clean the front room a little.
they KNOW when you got your hair looking okay and put on clean clothes.
they KNOW when you got all your supplies together.
they KNOW when you’ve had a script of points and lesson plans running through your head for the past few days.
they KNOW when you have plans to do something special during their nap.
they KNOW when you are about to hit record on the video camera.

they KNOW.
they KNOW, and they show you that they KNOW.
they show you they KNOW by rebelling against taking their nap.

they, being toddlers.
more specifically:
they, being owen.

so much for recording that hand carding video today…
they have other plans for us. 

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