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    Archive for the 'Felt' Category

    May 20 2009

    episode 72: “Candy: The Thing Nightmares Are Made Of”

    episode 72: “Candy: The Thing Nightmares Are Made Of”

    on/off the needles:
    -laundry done, socks shrunk
    -ready for the Constructor Craft Fair…well, almost
    -felted sweater potholder tutorial
    -Book Review: For the Love of Knitting edited by Kari Cornell

    -Freehaven Fun Fiber Day hosted by Patty and Caron
    -Gonna be in chicago on May 24th? Head out to Berwyn for the Constructor Craft Fair!!!

    -bowling fieldtrip
    -They went potty
    -candy….it’s scary stuff
    -for the love of blueberry pancakes
    -kitchen paint and a new island….dead exciting!

    green thumb:
    -tarping the garden
    -awesome fence idea

    Lettuce Sprouts

    Lettuce Sprouts

    my strawberry

    my strawberry

    -the box of goodies i ordered from beth at the spinning loft
    -3ply sock yarn is finally done! and i used a weavers bobbin winder and schacht bobbins

    my first 3 ply

    my first 3 ply

    -for the love of the flicker brush!
    flicker w/lock and then a flicked lock

    flicker w/lock and then a flicked lock

    -beth’s awesome article on flicking locks
    -spinning cloth idea…maybe…

    favorite thing:



    aka toddy coffee

    how to make coldbrew coffee:
    supplies: mason jar, bowl, coffee grounds, water, metal sieve, coffee filter, funnel
    1/4c-1/3c course ground coffee (remember: good beans=good coffee)
    1 1/2c room temperature water
    put coffee and water in jar, stir with spoon until combined, put on lid, and let it sit. 3 hours minimum, but overnight for best flavor
    in the morning, put sieve in bowl. open jar, pour coffee gunk through the sieve into the bowl.
    discard coffee grounds (good for garden and compost!)
    rinse out mason jar really well. put funnel in top of mason jar, put coffee filter in funnel. pour coffee from the bowl, through the coffee filter and into the mason jar. let it sit and filter through.
    when it’s done, remove filter and funnel, cap jar and put in fridge until you are ready to use.
    if you are ready, pour over ice, and add water or creamer, sip and enjoy.
    want it hot? okay! add hot water. want it strong? don’t add any water! drink it straight!

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    Feb 28 2008

    Look at all the pretties!!!!

    Published by Meghan under Babble,Felt,Spinning

    I had my Nuno felting class today, and it was SUCH FUN! I made some cute little sample squares just to get the basic idea, and we got enough silk and roving to make a scarf at home! i can’t wait!

    look at my pretties!!!

    This one is my favorite!

    Reminds me of VanGogh’s starry night, don’t you think?

    PLUS, the teacher and i really hit it off, and she sent me home with another 2oz of merino silk roving so i could try spinning it up! she said she also has a TON of roving at home, so if i wanted i could come over and check out what she’s got! she has like 5 sheeps worth of processed wool!  she’s actually going to cast on this week for a sweater that she is knitting up with handspun wool she spun on her DROP SPINDLE! an ENTIRE sweater’s worth of yarn on a drop spindle!!! i’m totally amazed!!!

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