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    Archive for the 'exercise' Category

    Jan 05 2011

    episode 126: “Breathe”

    episode 126: “Breathe”

    This month’s podcast donation incentive is sponsored by Vegancraftastic! They are offering up a $25 giftcard for anything you’d like in their shop! Be sure to check out what goodies they have to offer!

    homesteading holidays:
    -holiday festivites
    -christmas morning
    -last years resolutions
    -new years theme
    -sprout kit

    snow facts: because we should all know more about snow.

    remember when contest:
    skein of handspun yarn & photo by littleman

    -littleman asks who/what/where questions
    -ukulele and guitars

    CampKIP April 6-9th near St Louis. a fun time sitting around eating, knitting, chilling with podcasters, and making new friends! find out how you can join in the fun!

    fibery goodness:
    -knit stocking cap was well received
    -working on my wool afghan. supplemented by lion brand fisherman’s wool: nice!
    -finished knitting mondo cable cardi
    -spinning for the next sweater will start tonight
    -received all of my fiber from maryland sheep and wool
    -swatching for a bottom up yoke sweater with marr haven wool
    -needle organization
    -bass pro tackle worm binder

    favorite thing:

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    Mar 25 2010

    episode 102: “At the Carwash!”

    episode 102: “at the carwash!”

    just got it uploaded before littleman got off the bus. i’ll try to get shownotes typed up tonight.

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    Jan 04 2010

    episode 98: “2010: it’s all about ME”

    episode 98: “2010: it’s all about ME”

    thanks to knittingfairy.com for sponsoring december!
    podcast donation incentive winner for the month of december was Vivian. Thank you so much for your donations!

    This month, I’m offering up some of my handspun! 155 yards of a 2 ply barber pole. hand dyed merino and corriedale, plyed together to create a one of a kind yarn.

    now YOU TOO can feel what knitting with handspun is like!

    -drink more water
    -slow down and focus on ME (life, projects, when and what I say, etc)
    -return to my music
    -3 handspun sweaters

    2 year Contest prizes!!
    Reflection hat pattern from Cosymakes, Regia sock yarns, Noro, and more!!! check your email to see if YOU won! thank you again for all of the fabulous submissions!

    -Conversations with Meghan on Knitajourney Podcast
    -time off with littleman

    first snowman
    -potty training
    -holiday recap

    Fibery goodness:
    -Knittingfool.com has great sweater calculators
    -littlemans sweater: gauge, calculations, too big, tearing out, steek video

    -moving the fiber room

    -playing with the drumcarder

    -owls reborn!
    -gooseberry cardigan

    Favorite thing:

    Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

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    Dec 14 2009

    episode 96: “spinning mojo”

    episode 96: “spinning mojo”

    December’s Donation Incentive
    Shoulder Bling Kit
    Shoulder Bling is a 60” shawl, the kit would be the pattern, # 6 circular needles, beads and two skeins of Sterling Silk and Silver yarn in “White Veil” (which could be done as is or dyed, it takes dye beautifully!)
    donated by knittingfairy.com

    -seed catalog browsing and seed swaps
    -saving egg cartons
    -baking for gifts (shortbread cookies, ornaments, pinecone bird feeders, pie in a jar, etc)
    -last year’s sweets recipes
    doh! looks like i shared the buckeye recipe last year too! dang….i should have checked shownotes…sorry! well, they’re still just as tasty!

    -missed family party
    -2 baths in one day thanks new toy
    -bday breakfast party and bday plans
    -signing up for yoga classes, for real!
    -bikram yoga

    Celebrating 2 years Contest:
    -listen, think, and comment! Drawing will happen 1/1!

    Fibery goodness:
    -knitting mittens continued
    Littlemans mittens
    -new helloyarn squirrel mitten pattern
    -knitting ryans hat
    -casting on a pixie hat by cosymakes with handspun!

    -rhinebeck wool arrived!

    -love for the longdraw
    -abby franquemont drafting: the long and short of it DVD review

    -playing with colors
    Playing with plying
    -different types of sheeps in a single breed
    -plying off of my swift

    Favorite thing:
    Family traditions- cookies, music, Christmas lights, waiting for lights before going downstairs

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    Aug 25 2009

    episode 84: “I like cake…”

    episode 84: “i like cake…”

    please support our August Donation Incentive Sponsor
    Winter Mountain Fiber
    who has graciously donated 2 skeins of hand dyed sock yarn
    stitch it prize 001
    Plum Pudding & Monkey Green!
    all it takes is a donation during August to qualify!

    on/off the needles:
    -van dyke toe up sock still in the works
    -imitating things you see in stores/on people
    -started knitting cosy’s baby belle pattern for a coworker
    -Lace Gauntlet Throwdown winner!!!

    -kitchen is painted
    -out with the old, keeping things that fit
    -yoga, couch to 5k, now pilates?
    -2 wheeler

    word of the week:
    video on how to use a diz
    my diz is from gvpencheff.etsy.com

    -spinning bfl for cosy’s baby belle
    -preserving color in singles (like eating a piece of layered cake)

    favorite thing:
    making homes affordable program

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