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Feb 17 2009

episode 59: “Cake?”

episode 59: “cake?”

new rss feed is available here! i’ll keep you posted for when it shows up in itunes!

on/off the needles:
-FLS fits
-handspun socks. and a realization on sock knitting preferences
-charity blankets
-top down raglan: spring forward fall back raglan and knittingfool.com raglan calculator
-kingscot cast on! wahoo!!
-wall-e and eve amigarumi

-alien life form and killing the cooties
-dye workshop plans
-owen peels a tangerine
-when you get mad, just say “ttttthhhhhhbbbbbbbbb!”
-valentine’s day and the love of chocolate boxes
-first day of school

-my visit with deb
-color inspiration/ get more then one hand’s worth
-barber pole singles
-plying the polwarth
-overdyeing for the wallaby sweater

favorite thing:

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Feb 05 2009

episode 58: “Dork Rock”

i will begin the process of transitioning to a new rss feed next week. i’ll do it over 3 weeks, so you can all adjust as necessary! :) i’ll keep you posted!

Episode 58: “Dork Rock”

on/off the needles:

-knitting night. cast on a new hat for ryan

-FLS is FINISHED! but it’s blocking…i just hope it fits!

-swatching for the Kingscot sweater….questions about getting it to be longer without loosing the shape/style of the cabeling

-still working on my sock. it’s going well!

Yarn review!!!!

thanks to Krispyknits, i have new squishy yummy sock yarn! beautiful colors, super squishy, and awesome!

you can find her store at theknittedgeek.com

listen to the podcast for a deal on free shipping!!!



-IEP meeting results

-new little man accomplishments!

(i can’t remember what else i babbled about….my notes are at home! hahaha)


-spinning the polwarth on my sick day. almost done!

-Sit and Spin video by insubordiknit. great dvd on how to do all kinds of awesome art yarns. check it out! and watch the preview!

-a weekend with the lovely Deb


favorite thing:


They Might be Giants

music played was Birdhouse in your Sole from the album Flood

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Jan 21 2009

episode 56: “educational podcasting, for young and old”

 episode 56: “educational podcasting, for young and old”

on/off the needles:

-february lady sweater…progress!!!
Feb Lady Sweater 1February Lady Sweater 2
-new hat for little man (another triceratops, perchance?)
-finishing the sock…still!

- cotton? for cables? what do you think?

-still collecting sweaters. even posted on freecycle!


-big boy bed!

-being green and trying cloth diapers (check out diaperswappers.com if you want to get some good used ones)

-wall-e toys sing

-jenknitfer, and her story about her little one saying “bye-bye”


-spinning and coffee don’t mix

-SOAR leftovers. 12oz of goodness! all ready to blend!
12oz of roving to blend

-a dye field trip is in my future! :)

SOAR knowledge: get to know your wheel

-practice treadling before you spin for real, treadle while you watch tv, treadle while you knit, just treadle

-get to know where it likes to be oiled, how much and how often

-get to know how to start and stop your wheel without your hands!

-practice spinning with yarn from your stash. just tie it to the bobbin, through the hooks, and through the orafice, practice feeding it on, and pulling it off again, practice adjusting your wheel to get the proper take up

-if something is wrong and you are spinning, STOP TREADLING!

favorite thing:

baking soda

and because someone asked me to post pictures of me with my new bag:
my Zuma Namaste bag
isn’t it pretty?! i love my Zuma!!!!
and because i’m proud of the handcarding i did last weekend, here’s pictures of the roving i mixed up:

hand blended roving
the left is a mix of blue/yellow/green. the right is a mix of red/blue/white. isn’t that pretty too?!

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Jan 15 2009

episode 55: “Hello, Dolly!!”

episode 55: “Hello, Dolly!!” 

i am in the process of moving over to a new server for the podcast. we’re hoping to get it moved in the next week. big problem right now is figuring out how to move over all of the past episodes. i’ll keep you updated on progress!

 on/off the needles:
-felted wool dryer balls 
-toe up worsted socks for owen
-mittens again, reworking the pattern
-february lady sweater going well
-i LOVE my Zuma
-knitting and work
-felted sweater quilt. inspired by this blog  got any sweaters? let me know!  

-snow days and the midwest winter experience
-school tour and evaluations
-”yeah, dude!”
-hello, dolly!! 

- getting to SOAR again…cookies? craft shows? 
-dyeing lab back in the works
imparting knowledge: handcarding, meghan style!

-twisted sisters sock workbook 

-color in spinnng

favorite thing:cheap soup (beef vegetable or vegetarian vegetable) + noodles from ramen noodle packet…..so tasty, it’s SCARY! 

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Dec 31 2008

episode 53: “To Infinity, and BEYOND!!”

hi all! i’m working on show notes for this one. we have been busy the past couple evenings.

i DID want to let you know that there have been major issues with mypodcast.com’s service lately. my podcast and others hosted by them are just not downloading easily. i’ve uploaded this podcast 2 times in the hopes that maybe ONE of them will work for you. all i can suggest is to keep trying. there is no rhyme or reason why it works or doesn’t work. and unfortunately, mypodcast.com doesn’t have email support any longer. i’ve gone to the forums to ask for help from fellow podcasters, but they are saying the same thing. it’s hit or miss, and there is nothing they can do.

SO, please hang in there. i am going to be checking into other hosts to see if i can get it working better somewhere else, and i will try to make it a smooth transition.

fingers are crossed it goes easily!

episode 53: To infinity, and BEYOND!!

episode 53: To Infinity, and BEYOND!! (uploaded again)

on/off the needles:

-Bella Mittens are DONE!!!


- Podcast catch-up: Socks are back on the needles

-My mitten pattern using handspun & flecks

-The High Fiber Diet Podcast New Years Eve Cast On!!

-Color in Spinning by Deb Menz

-Dying up yarn for my February Lady Sweater



-our christmas

-Buzz Lightyear!! To Infinity, and BEYOND!!”

-Wall-e Obsession


-new toys: Clemes and Clemes hand cards & Polwarth from rovings.com

-Flicking out locks article by Beth from the Spinning Loft

-Class i REALLY want to take at the Spinning Loft:

“January 30th & 31st Class with Master Spinner Lorraine Smith

Workshop 1: Friday afternoon, 3 hours: “Blending unique roving using handcards”

That’s right, blended roving for easy spinning, created with hand cards. This workshop will lead participants through the basics of carding in a way that yields unique, colourful blends that are a delight to create and even more fun to spin. We will work with a wide range of fibers and colors to experience the world of options that fiber-blending creates. (No carding or blending experience is required. If you don’t own handcards there will be some available to borrow during class.)

Workshop 2: Saturday all day, 6 hours “Spinning with blended fibers”

In this workshop, we will explore a range of blended roving for their spinning properties and potential end uses. Participants will have a chance to work with blends prepared in the blending class, as well as experimenting with a range of other blended fibers through spinning and plying techniques. (Spinners need either a wheel and/or spindle and the ability to make yarn hold together. Hand cards are optional.)

You can choose to take one or both of these classes but the Friday class will “blend” very nicely into the Saturday class.

Class Fees –

Friday Only – $65 – Includes Materials

Saturday Only – $120 – includes lunch and materials

Both days – $165

Don’t forget to reserve your space for the really fun Wool Shop Sleepover on Friday night if you will be attending either or both of Lorraine’s Classes.

-Spinning for a sweater article by Amy King of Spunky Eclectic

Knowledge: Predrafting

-Predrafting isn’t really necessary if you are working with freshly carded or combed fibers. BUT, if you are working with fiber that has been packed, washed, shipped, dyed or stored for a while, then it most likely will need some predrafting. All you are doing is getting the fibers to start to slip again, and opening up the fiber again. this will help make drafting at the wheel easier, and thus result in a more even and consistent yarn.

favorite thing:

The Flip Mino HD hand held video recorder

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Nov 18 2008

episode 48: “Shake your Butt!!”

episode 48: “Shake your Butt!!”

prior episodes are available on this page. click on the “episodes” section of the categories (<—- over there on the left) and it’ll allow you to see ALL of the episodes, not just the ones on the itunes page. wahoo!!!

on/off the needles:

- twist collective is out. i love the kingscot sweater! (said that wrong on the podcast!!!! i like the kingscot, but the rebecca pattern is nice also!) so cute!!!

-WPI or Wraps Per Inch

-co worker’s seed stitch scarf is on the needles
megan's airport scarf

-wrist warmers for the little man

-i love bonnets!!! i’m thinking the Twirly Girl Bonnet from Knit One, Embellish Too. so cute with the button!!!

-help KnitSix keep Maryland kids warm! looking for donations for warm hats, mittens and scarves for ages K-12. check out our ravelry group for more details


-popular little man

-”shake your butt!”

-hair: to cut? or not to cut? that is the very important question….

-sweet potato fries

3 or 4 sweet potatoes washed, and quartered

olive oil

salt & pepper

chili powder

brown sugar

toss all the ingredients, and spread on a foil lined cookie sheet. bake in 350 degree oven for 20 minutes, or until potatoes are easily poked with a fork.

munch and enjoy!!!


-crock-pot heaven!

-spinning for my bonnet (see above…i love bonnets!)

knowledge: woollen vs worsted


-airy, lofty, squishy yarn

-very warm, but not as strong

-spun from carded fibers

-spun with the twist inbetween your hands. typically a medium or long draw


-slick, compact, shiny yarn

-good for showing stitch definition, and very durable in a fabric

-not as warm as woollen, but stronger

-spun from combed fiber or top

-spun with twist between your orifice hand and the orifice. while compacting the fibers as twist enters it

favorite thing:

itunes radio

and as promised, here’s that hat i knit last week:
tree embellished hat

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Nov 12 2008

episode 47: “KEYS!!!”

episode 47: “KEYS!!!”

on/off the needles:

-working on the forest canopy shawl still

-Snow Day mittens for littleman (no photo available…they’re on his hands) Lanolin? for mittens?!

-for the love of hats

(photo coming soon)

Wood and Water Hat pattern from Knit One, Embellish Too

-obsessed with recycling

-lazy man’s way of calculating yardage

6 yards=.125oz

19 oz= x yards

x/6= 19/.125

x/6= 152

x= 152 *6=912 yards

-crock pot dying yarns


-little man hugs and kisses. who is this little boy?

-little man on the mic

-mattress in the basement=tons of fun!

-$5.15 cozy coupe

-searching for the keys


SOAR interviews continue


Deb Menz: author of Color in Spinning, fiber major, task master, all kinds of fun, my northern neighbor, and color advocate. here is her blog

(no photo available)

Sara Lamb: weaver, dyer, spinner, teacher, buds with Deb, northern californian, and washing machine fleece felter. here is her site


Abby Franquemont: mistress of drop spindles, speed spinner, spinning encyclopedia, wheel hoarder, and Meghan’s phone spinning wheel purchase tech support. here is her blog


Dan aka Swill Meister: life of the SOAR party, stash stealer, beverage provider, trouble starter, and unofficial cornerstone to SOAR.

Favorite Thing:


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Jul 15 2008

Episode 31: “What could happen in a year?”

Episode 31: “What could happen in a year?”

Green Mountain Spinnery is having their 17th Annual Knitters Retreat the weekend of September 26-28th and will have Kate Gilbert (designer of the clapotis, bird in the hand mittens, and arwen) teaching some classes there!!
Be sure to go and check out Green Mountains yarns as well, they do all look SO lovely, support local shepherds, and are organic or darn close to it! they also look like they’re as close to handspun as you can get! i love it!!!

Midwest Fiber and Folk Festival is this weekend in Crystal Lake, IL. Come say hi!

Knitting On/Off:
-Handspun Shrug is done…will post photos after i weave in ends and block it….
-knitting at night podcast with casey came just in time…i’m going to go EZ style!!!
-Socks! cast on the Embossed Leaves Socks

-New job=New routines and they’re going well
-School again?
-Clutter, meet shredder!!!
-Little man’s progress, and what it was like 1 year ago

Dying (and some spinning):
-need to spin for HHHH….HAVE to get that started ASAP!!!
-new wheel?…no….Muffler?!…YES!
-comparing dyes: Wiltons Food Coloring, Jacquard Dyes, and Cushing Dyes
-heat setting methods
-Superwash, all the way!

Favorite Thing:
Sigur Ros is my FAVORITE this week. i LOVE the music. SO good. go check out some of their music

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Apr 30 2008

Episode 20: “Spinning is like a Box of Chocolates…”

Episode 20: “Life is like a Box of Chocolates…”

The Garden this week has been tucked in to keep it from harm during the cold!

Interview will be next week. please let me know if you’re interested in being interviewed!!!

On/Off the Needles:
-Sock is nearly done
-Shrug (started, frogged, and started again)
-Monkee status
-Charity blankets
-BarnRaising Quilt from Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together for my little man!!!
-Check out Casey at Knitting at Night Podcast it’s awesome!!
-Craft Zine has lots of cool patterns and whatnot. i’m going to sew some reversible wrap skirts!

-My Harp Story: Prism 36 by Blevins Harps
-Monkey wears shoes
-Little man says/signs his name
-Little man’s new school

-LOTS of new spinners!!! Lots of wheel questions! I LOVE IT!!!!
-Oiling the wheel, what a difference!!!
-Sock yarn almost done. I’ll share photo’s soon
-Finished my yarn from Butterflygirl designs.

-Fleece has been ordered (well, stephanie knows i want some!) and i’ve been studying.
-Yarnspinner’s podcast has lots of great information
-WSKAL (Wash, Spin, Knit a Long)
-Felted roving….grrrrr

Listen to the podcast on how to enter, but this is your prize:
160+ yards, Beaded Worsted weight, 10 wraps per inch, columbia top handspun yarn in “Midnight Dream”

Favorite Thing:
Rodrigo y Gabriela
and as promised, here is the AMAZING YouTube video of their performance on David Letterman:

Holy crap, I just watched it again, and it’s AMAZING……

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Apr 26 2008

Seriously, what gives?!

Published by Meghan under Babble,Dying,Harp

So the last week, or hell even yesterday, has been sunny and warm with highs in the 70s. last night? it rains, and today we wake up to a cold house, and an even colder and windier day outside. we have a high of 50 today, but with the wind, it feels like 35. it’s cold. too cold for April. too cold for my plants. too cold to play outside. it feels more like November outside…..and what kills me? i know people further north got snow….that’s just plain WRONG.

ahh well…..gives me an excuse to play inside for the day.

today i’m going to get my harp out, dust it off, tune it up and play. i haven’t played my harp in a while. i love my harp. just need to sit down adn remind myself how to play. i’m also looking into getting this “How to Play Harp Beautifully” book and maybe eventually getting the DVD. it’s pricey…but it would be cheaper then lessons. i don’t even know where to find a local teacher anymore. i used to take lessons from an older woman, and it was a treat. i loved her. she gave me lots of music and i just gobbled it up. then i took lessons when we moved from a performance person. she was a little too serious for my liking. i’m not going to perform. i’m not auditioning for orchestras, or applying for college. so i quit lessons with her. i guess at this point in my life, i don’t want the super strict teacher. i just want the one who enjoys teaching, enjoys music, and enjoys sharing that love. so some books and some DVD’s will have to make due for now! i think with my music degree and my ability to play all those other instruments, i should be okay!

i dyed rovings again yesterday…..i managed to felt 2 of them completely. they were thick fiber ropes. how discouraging! and my other rovings are sort of felted. so i’ll just try to make due and spin them up. nothing says “stop dying stuff because you suck at it” like a batch of wasted rovings….i’m going to pick up a salad spinner the next time i go to the store or am over by the goodwill store. i think my frontloader just doesn’t work for spinning out fibers or yarns. too much action….

ho hum…..

i’m gonna go play with the boys upstairs. it’s warmer up there.

happy saturday!

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