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Jan 23 2010

episode 99: “Hiatus vs Sabbatical”

This month, I’m offering up some of my handspun! 155 yards of a 2 ply barber pole. hand dyed merino and corriedale, plyed together to create a one of a kind yarn.

now YOU TOO can feel what knitting with handspun is like!

episode 99: “Hiatus vs Sabbatical”

Winners! Maybe soon…sorry!

-seed catalogs=panic
-silverware sort=win!!
chicken tortilla soup recipe
1 can kidney beans
1 can black beans
1 can whole kernal corn
1 can diced tomatoes with green chilis
1 box chicken broth
6oz enchilada sauce
4 frozen chicken breasts
1tbls minced garlic
chopped onions (if you’d like)
1tbls cumin
sour cream
shredded cheddar cheese
tortilla chips

1. put first 10 ingredients into the crock pot in the morning. set on low and cook for 8 hours
2. take out chicken breasts and shred or chop, put back into the soup
3. serve topped with a dab of sour cream, some cheese, and some crushed tortilla chips finish it.
freezes well. makes a ton. tastes even better the second day!

-freezer books find and inherited books/vacuum sealer

-bob update
-preparing for Disney

Fibery goodness:
-fiber in the forest retreat
-cardigan sweater progress
-bulky flyer and spinning wheel drama aka. I love Schacht

KnitCents Podcast

hi⋅a⋅tus  [hahy-ey-tuhs]
–noun, plural -tus⋅es, -tus.
1. a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

Sab⋅bat⋅i⋅cal  [suh-bat-i-kuhl]
4. (lowercase) sabbatical year.
5. (lowercase) any extended period of leave from one’s customary work, esp. for rest, to acquire new skills or training, etc.

Favorite thing:
Spinning wheel broach

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Sep 17 2009

episode 87: “how can they walk?!”

episode 87: “how can they walk?!”

September’s Podcast Donation Incentive is sponsored by The Spinning Loft!

TheSpinningLoft donation
donate to the podcast during the month of september to have a chance to win! :)

on/off the needles:
-coraline continues….once i spin more
-OWL + math = not what i wanted
WI Sheep and Wool Festival
-books and magazines
-sheeps, lambs, and all sorts of wonders!
The Looking Glass Sweater -pattern by ewetopiafibershop.com
-alpaca yarn is from Enchanted Meadows Alpacas
-books and magazines were from countryside bookstore
-working on a new alpaca forest canopy shawl

-podcast changes….opinions?

word of the week:

-washing alpaca
-washing and dyeing targhee
-yellowing of the fleece

favorite thing:
Nikki’s Healthy Cookies…..

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Jul 10 2009

episode 79: “Pavlovian Response”

episode 79: “Pavlovian Response”

show notes soon!

July’s donation incentive has been sponsored by Cosy, of Cosymakes.com. Cosy has graciously donated a copy of her book Knit One, Embellish Too and some hand dyed farm wool!!
You can find out more about Cosy by visiting her blog, and see all of the patterns, handspun, farm wool, and recycled yarns at her etsy store.
Be sure to donate to enter your chance to win, and help our sponsor’s out! :)

my notes from the podcast have gone missing (i’m thinking a little boy had something to do with it) and i haven’t had a chance to listen to myself babble enough to rewrite them/type them out. let me know if there is anything specifically you’d like to know about, and i’ll link it up! sorry…i know. cheap. but i’m trying!

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Jul 04 2009

episode 78: “Simply Suburban”

episode 78: “Simply Suburban”

June Donation incentive was won by Michelle B. Thanks to all of those who donated, and special thanks to Little Meadows Farm! :)

July’s donation incentive has been sponsored by Cosy, of Cosymakes.com. Cosy has graciously donated a copy of her book Knit One, Embellish Too and some hand dyed farm wool. You can find out more about Cosy by visiting her blog, and see all of the patterns, handspun, farm wool, and recycled yarns at her etsy store.
Be sure to donate to enter your chance to win, and help our sponsor’s out! :)

on/off the needles:
-handspun socks
-swallowtail for lace gauntlet KAL
-missing chibi
-SOAR project triceratops hat for owen

-swimming with owen
-”suburban” weekend with the family
-reading about canning and preserving

-turmoil with work

word of the week:
tag- –noun
a lock of hair.
a matted lock of wool on a sheep.
also known as a din⋅gle⋅ber⋅ry  [ding-guhl-ber-ee]
–noun, plural -ries.
Slang. a small clot of dung, as clinging to the hindquarters of an animal.

-dye stock all mixed up!
-rewashed (and rewashed) frank the fleece. i use sockpr0n’s method with the Unicorn Fleece Scour
-Tour de Fleece
-ravelry Tour de Fleece
-color in spinning methods for a dye notebook

favorite thing:

mmmm....caramel corn

mmmm....caramel corn

Meghan’s Microwave Caramel Corn
1 or 2 brown paper bags
large microwaveable bowl/measuring cup
2 bags “light” microwaveable popcorn (too much butter, and the caramel won’t stick)
1 cup brown sugar
1/4c light corn syrup
1/2c butter
1/2tsp baking soda

1. Pop popcorn. pour out into large bowl so that the unpopped kernals fall to the bottom. move the popped kernals over to the paperbag. throw out the unpopped kernals.
2. In the large bowl/measuring cup, place sugar, corn syrup, and butter. Microwave on high, watch it, and when it starts to boil, microwave for a full 2 minutes.
3. Add baking soda and stir. (be prepared! it’s going to foam up and double in size!)
4. Pour caramel over the popcorn in the paper bag. Close bag, and shake vigorously while hitting the bottom of the bag. Use a spatula to stir the popcorn up occasionally as well.
5. Put bag in microwave and cook on high for 1.5 minutes. take it out and shake it.
6. Put bag in microwave and cook on high for 1.5 minutes. take it out and shake it.
7. Put bag in microwave and cook on high for 30 seconds. take it out and shake it.
8. Put bag in microwave and cook on high for 30 seconds. take it out and shake it.
9. pour it out on a cookie sheet and allow to cool.
10. EAT IT UP!!!!!

if you want to add nuts, put them in the bag with the popcorn. just be sure to REALLY Stir and shake them around so you don’t get nutty clumps.

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Jun 18 2009

episode 76: “weekend with the Menz family”

episode 76:”weekend with the Menz family”

June donation incentive was donated by our sponsor, Little Meadows Farm. By making a donation to the podcast during the month of June, you will be entered into a drawing for a gift of 4 hand made goat milk soap bars and a beeswax candle. Please, support our sponsor! Check out their website at Little Meadows Farm

on/off the needles:
-cast on handspun socks waffle pattern
-lace yarn buying (lace throwdown KAL) more prizes added! in addition to the knittingdaily dvds, you will get A Gathering of Lace by Meg Swansen, and For the Love of Knitting. wahoo!
-picking a pattern. i ended up with the swallowtail shawl by Evelyn A Clark
(ravelry link)

-”you’re silly, monkey”
-dinner with the family
-the whoas of social services (funding cuts and frustrations)

my weekend with Deb (and Buzz):
-saturday morning at the market
-lemon pancakes at Marigolds Kitchen
-more plants acquired (eggplant, green pepper, basil, oregano, rosemary, and parsley)
-deb’s studio
-reviving my drum carder (metal?! who cards metal?!)
drum carder
-learned carding basics
-mixing colors, and dyeing in mason jars
-amazing salmon dinner, and the next morning, salmon for breakfast. mmmm
-sunday was all about dyeing
dye table

first batch of fiber. i dyed 7lbs total that day

first batch of fiber. i dyed 7lbs total that day

i did my part too!
-ipod 101
-intro to new podcasts
-jessicurl makeover
-hula hoop
-raspberry rhubarb pie. mmmmmmm.
-bonding over the fear of lace
-starting our own angora line mitten KAL (i’m leaning towards fiddlehead mittens!)

interview with Deb Menz

favorite thing:

farmer’s markets

the BOX o Fiber!!! (i’ll try to talk more about this the next episode)
i’m drowning in fleece!

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Jun 11 2009

episode 75: “Lace Gauntlet Throw-Down”

episode is posted
episode 75: “Lace Gauntlet Throw-Down”

No photos this time. sorry guys. my camera battery is dead and is charging right now!

littlemeadowsfarm.net is our sponsor for this month. They donated a set of 4 hand made goat milk soaps (from the goats on their farm!) and a beeswax candle as a donation incentive for the month of June.
goat milk soaps
All it takes is a donation to the podcast, and you will be entered in it to win. Drawing will be done the first week of July. Thanks!
Interested in supporting little meadows? check out their website.

on/off the needles:
-knitting date, but no knitting
-socks…off the needles….tony the tiger
-”bored” meeting hats
-I <3 Fiber pins (i can't find them online anywhere!)
Lace Knitting Throw-Down KAL
-knit something lace with me between now and August 1st. Share pictures of your finished project, Rub it in Jasmine’s face that you have what it takes, and you will be entered a drawing where you can win knittingdaily TV series 100 DVD set!

-Up (owen’s first movie experience)
-birthday cake stealer
-snoopy birthday card
-Hula Hooping! hoopnotica and hula hoop tutorial

-fence up & strawberries netted
-tomatoes transplanted
-new seeds
-moring glory teepees

-SOAR project- please call 646-462-4031 x 27505 to give your feedback “What have you learned from Meghan’s SOAR knowledge?” you have until June 25th!
-my remote fiber purchasing experience
-fiber sample boxes from the spinning loft
-the high fiber diet
-CVM article in newest SpinOff on dyeing locks for colorwork by Rene Russo
-getting ready to go see Deb!

favorite thing:

Rootbeer Float

Rootbeer Float

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Apr 08 2009

episode 66: “Forearms and Goats”

episode 66: “Forearms and Goats”

Adventures with Ellen:
-Tall Grass Farm Fiber Jubilee
-Goat Shearing Video *have to figure out how to change file format to upload to youtube. stay tuned!*
-Geocaching and Ecocaching
-Susan’s Fiber

-My parents did it all! and little man helped!
-little man and the hearing test
-happy birthday flashlight
-First aid/CPR/AED training. bottom line. it’s important. DO IT!

on/off the needles:
-the shawl went to a new home
-whiffed my sweater, but regained some ground
-dyeing up the colored yarn
-toe up socks on hiya hiya needles
-colorwork mittens
-new found love for EZ

March Madness Just Steek it winner is announced! gotta listen to see who it is! ;)

favorite thing:
pot roast

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Mar 18 2009

episode 63: “No Thank You, Night-Night”

episode 63: “No Thank You, Night-Night”

The podcast has moved. if you want to subscribe, please click one of those buttons in the upper left to subscribe via itunes or subscribe via rss feed.
other podcasts have moved too, so if your favorite podcasts have vanished, check their shownotes pages to see where they went to!
Jasmin from the Knitmore Girls podcast put together an awesome tutorial to help you figure out how to subscribe to the new podcast feeds. go check that out!

on/off the needles:
-polwarth sweater
Library - 620Library - 619Library - 618
-knitting the shawl, and adjusting the needles
-what is a lifeline?
-handspun sock, 1 down, 1 to go
Library - 622
-cutting a steek…LIVE!!!
Library - 614 Library - 615
-changing kingscot into a sweater in the round…is it possible?

-nothing like the smell of mulch in the morning
-want a water barrel? or a compost bin? contact your local Extension office for your state. just google Extension Office [insert your state here]
-”Cut, Jenny!”
-”no thank you, night night”
-eating like a kitty

-barber pole singles…color combo?
Library - 623
-drum carder fun
Library - 612
-Spinning and weaving with Wool by Paula Simmons
-how to spin from a batt

favorite thing:

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Mar 12 2009

episode 62: “Just Steek It!!”

episode 62: “Just Steek It!!”

mypodcast.com has officially taken a dump! SO, lots of your favorite podcasts are on the move to new RSS feeds! here are a few:
the high fiber diet
bark n knit
Knaked Knits

click the links and make sure you subscribe to their new feeds. also, leave them a new review up on iTunes.

same for THIS podcast!! click in the upper left to subscribe to the rss feed or the itunes feed.

on/off the needles:
-fishing shawl
-polwarth sweater (almost done with second sleeve. photos later this week!)
-toadyjoes sweater (jealousy!)

March Madness “Just Steek It!” Contest
what you need to do!
-Knit a wool swatch
-sew it or crochet it
-take a “before” picture
-take an “after” picture
-do a victory dance
-post before & after photos on thread in ravelry or email me a link to your blog where you posted photos
submissions will be accepted until April 1st.
i’ll draw names from all of the entries and you will win a box of goodies! (wollmeise, patterns, hand dyed roving, maybe a batt, hand spun, chocolate, who knows?!)

Gives Good Knits podcast. Go listen to Tika!!

-definition of insanity
-little man’s birthday party

-samples of the 3ply and barber pole
-how to spin videos by Abby
-Tall Grass Farm Goat Shearing
-High Fiber Diet retreat in november! SO EXCITED!!
-Playing wtih the carder
-Superwash- What is it?!

Favorite Thing:
bbc’s the office

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Mar 04 2009

Episode 61: “Local warm fuzzies”

podcast is moving to a new feed! please, begin to make the change!
you can either search the itunes store for “Stitch it!! Podcast”, or, click the link in the upper left on the sidebar here that says “podcast via rss” or “podcast via itunes” and it’ll help you get it changed.

old feed: episode 61 (waiting for old feed to upload…will link tomorrow morning)

new feed: episode 61

on/off the needles:
-polwarth sweater: based on the spring forward fall back raglan by Nikol
changes made? it’s a cardigan, and it has a seed stitch boarder.
Polwarth raglan cardigan
isn’t it pretty?!
-charity blanket section is done.
-Coraline movie features tiny miniature handknits. you can see her knitting here. click the pink house, click the stairs, then click the dresser and it’ll play a video where it shows her knits and her knitting! CRAZY small!!!

SOAR knowledge (for knitters AND spinners!)
what is bamboo/tofu/milk yarn made from?

-school pro!
-”Oh No!”
-wishing for a change..spring fever itch.
-salads. mmmm
-square foot gardening
-rain barrel tutorial
-planting for natural dyeing

yarn review:
A Swell Yarn Shop Duet Sock Yarn
superwash merino hand dyed sock yarn, with a small skein of complimentary heel/toe yarns. so squishy!
a swell yarn shop

-new purchase! drumcarder! (what was i thinking?! haha)
-dyeing for owen’s wallaby sweater
wallaby dyed wool
-Pufpaff Fiber Mill join the Fiber CSA
-Illinois Wool and Fiber Mill
pretty shetland! mmm

favorite thing:
locally roasted coffee

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