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Oct 23 2008

a trip to the yarn store…

Published by Meghan under critter swap,Uncategorized

i admit it…i went to the yarn store today in search of yarn for a shawl, because i really want to start knitting it.
what criteria did i set out before i entered the store?

2 ply- 2 ply yarn naturally has the arch support so that if you do a YO it will stay open and you will see the hole. in lace, this is important. why? because lace is basically holes in a neat pattern. don’t you want people to see the work you did? single spun or 3 ply yarn naturally collapses on itself, so you have to block those holes open and fight the natural structure of the yarn. i don’t like fighting with my yarn.

wool- i’d like my blankie shawl to be nice and warm

light worsted weight- i want it to be warm and heavier. i just like the look of it!

cheap- i call myself a B.A.H. (Broke A$$ H@) for a reason. i don’t have lots of extra money to throw around

nice rich red/cranberry color- i love this color on me, but i don’t own much of it.

how successful was i?
lets just say i learned a couple things…

1. there’s a reason i hate shopping. i know what i want before i go in. unfortunately, it is very rarely the same as what the stores want to sell me. (that applies for shoes, clothes, purses, and yarn)

2. there’s a reason i spin my own yarn now….

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Jul 04 2008

My Critter Came!!!

Published by Meghan under Babble,critter swap,knitting

check out the little critter box i got from Katri in Finland!!!
critter swap 2
Meet Suei (i think that’s how it’s spelled) her name is a poetic word for summer in Finnish! and she’s just TOO CUTE! i love that she has a little sweater and a matching headband! so stylish! her green yarn is from a local sheep farm and the blue yarn is done by a local dyer and spinner.
critter swap
she also included some chocolate from a small company near her, gummies with real fruit juice, some sweet little buttons, and a cute little broach she made from felt (it’s SO cute!). she also translated a bread machine recipe for mefor Finnish “Pulla” complete with little photos! :) i can’t wait to try it!!!! sounds so yummy!
AND she had a sweet little note written on a postcard with LILACS! love it! :)
i’m a happy swap partner!

work this week was good. i got to meet lots of people, and have been slogging through some online training manuals (which is OH so entertaining!). lots of this job after the manuals will be following people around and memorizing their routines on how they explain things, monitor cases, etc. then you take a little piece from everybody’s pie, add some of your own techniques, and invent a system that works for you! the only thing is i’m very much used to managing things with a computer, so it’ll be a change. we’re going to be getting new cell phones, and the black berry styles have come down in price quite a bit…so i might see if i can get one that has a planner on it. not sure, but i thought that’d be helpful. we’ll see!

today is the 4th of july. and as tradition holds, i’m sick. what is with me and holidays?!?! i ate some cherries yesterday afternoon…about 10 of them, and i think i got food poisoning…because i’ve been sick ever since! so, i was SUPPOSED to go to the zoo with the boys, my dad (mom is out of town), and my mother and father in law, but i’m home where a bathroom is close at hand. so, i think i’m going to get my knitting bag and some jane austen movies i rented, and go upstairs and watch those. i’m hoping whatever this is it will pass soon, so i can go to my sister in law’s house tonight….i doubt it, though… :( being sick sucks!

now, off to put feet on my critter so i can get my box in the mail!

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