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Jul 09 2010

episode 112: “Atypical Me”

episode 112: “Atypical Me”

July is being sponsored by Green Mountain Spinnery! they have been so gracious to share a copy of their new pattern book and a skein of their mill spun yarn. i encourage you to check out their website to read about their mill and all of the lovely fibery goodness to enjoy!

Little House in the Suburbs:
-finding a place for everything & culling more stuff
-mulching issues
-Ezekiel Bread. i’m scared. thinking about trying the Urban Simplicity recipe

-GRIL spells Gramma
-BBQ with friends and the “Atypical” realization
-fireworks and our 4th of July

Fibery Goodness:
-dream in color wearhouse sale

-the awesome sweater swap!
bottoms up sweater
-cashmere citron done
-Pogona cast on with dream in color
-Tour de Fleece chronicles
color A plyed

Favorite Thing:

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

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Apr 15 2010

episode 104: Wear your WIP with pride!

the April has been sponsored by The Knitted Geek. They have offered up a skein of their Version 2.0 hand dyed sock yarn. You get to pick the color!
so many pretty options!
A donation made to the podcast during the month of April gets you entered into the drawing.
All proceeds help fund the podcast. thanks!

episode 104: Wear your WIP with pride!

-Getting perennials from mom flocks and asters;
-perennials vs annuals. why perennials are great?
-Containers for blueberry bush or tree $15
-Started the container plantings
-Earth day coming soon! Watch for sales

-keys! a starbucks Story
-library success
-Peanut butter and jelly dance
-cleaning house

Fibery Goodness
maryland sheep and wool is coming up! meet and greet scheduled!
You are invited to the podcaster meet and greet extravaganza!
who? guido, natalie, jackie, jasmin, gigi, and me
what? goodie bags and loads of awesomsauce
where? outside the maryland sheep and wool gate in the Columbia Sip N Knit hospitality area
when? Saturday 5/1 from 11-1pm,
why? well? why not?! it’ll be fun!

-destashed to pay Jackie back
-spinning yarns
-ishbel in cormo rediscovered
-recalculating the ishbel
-wearing a work in progress

Favorite thing:


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Mar 25 2010

episode 102: “At the Carwash!”

episode 102: “at the carwash!”

just got it uploaded before littleman got off the bus. i’ll try to get shownotes typed up tonight.

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Feb 27 2010

episode 100: “Glutton!”

Episode 100: “Glutton!”

Thank you so much to all of the donors for january and february. Elisha is the lucky winner of the handspun yarn!

For the month of March, Ellenspn has graciously donated 2 fabulously new AND autographed books!
The Enchanted Sole by Janel Laidmen (with so many beautiful socks, i don’t even know what to do with myself!)
Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont (a whole book on spindles, types, function, history, AND how to use them! glorious!)
Donate to the podcast during the month of march, and YOU could win these books!

-raised beds this year: buying corners online
-lettuce baskets
-Bountiful Container

-yogurt maker

-imagination grows (rocket, fishing, monorail)
-4 years old!
-new schedule

Fibery goodness:
-reunited with my wheel
-crown mountain fiber superwash “locomotive breath”
-crocheted steek tutorial
-the cardigans
-kingscot.…minus 6″…=Katrina Rib?

Favorite thing:
Treadle sewing machine!!
(photo soon!)

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Nov 13 2009

episode 93: “Cracker Club”

episode 93: “Cracker Club”

November’s podcast incentive!
One person will be drawn and can choose either a Garden Apron or a Grow Your Own Soup Kit from Made By Loumms:

garden apron

garden apron

Grow Your Own Soup Kit

Grow Your Own Soup Kit

a second name will be drawn and will win an handmade oak swift by Hornshaw Woodworks

handmade oak swift

handmade oak swift

-raccoon latrine
-sheet mulching
-moo-nure bags, peat, & mulch
-stealing leaves
-preparing for thanksgiving

-tumblebugs disaster
-cowboy boots
-car saga

Fibery goodness:
-Amy arrives
-got jackie and we head north
-marr haven (Mule spun) & owls
-cranes restaurant pies
cherry pie a la mode!
-fiber in the forest
-fibery goodies (polypay, sock blockers, maple swift)
want to see photos from our trip? check out my flickr folder
want to see videos? check out my youtube feed

Favorite thing:
Homemade marshmallows

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Oct 13 2009

episode 90: “make your wheel eat it”

episode 90:”make your wheel eat it”

October Podcast Donation Incentive:
Grafton Fibers has donated a set of DPNs for the October incentive. IF you donate during the month of october, you will be entered into a drawing to win a set of their original DPNs in size 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and a set of size 0 glove dpns. SO FABULOUS! you will love them!

-apple butter, apple sauce, and apple pie! and still more apples!
-installed a water filter all by myself
-checked out the farm and fleet. fun stuff there!
-strawberry pots and rotation ideas
-mulch….i NEED to mulch

-farm week at school
-placemats game
-the whisper technique

fibery goodness:
-finished my forest canopy shawl. it is blocking in the basement. HUGE
-working on coraline still
-plying yarn with irish/bobbin drive is awesome
-new fleece washing technique=brilliant! thank you spinning spider jenny!
-preparing for Rhinebeck!!!

favorite thing:
Fall mornings

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Sep 28 2009

episode 88: “Want coffee, Mommy?!?!”

episode 88: “Want coffee, Mommy?!?!”

September’s Podcast Donation Incentive is sponsored by The Spinning Loft!

TheSpinningLoft donation
donate to the podcast during the month of september to have a chance to win! :)

The Minnesota Knitters Guild will be hosting the 6th annual Twin Cities Knit-Out on Sunday, October 4th at Southdale Center. This celebration of knitting will take place from 12 – 4 p.m. in the Macy’s Courtyard. There will be free knitting lessons, door prizes, hourly fashion shows, a fastest knitter contest, community service knitting projects, expert knitters to answer questions and local yarn shops displaying the latest in yarns, patterns and tools.
For Information: www.knitters.org

-garden books

-bread baking

-assessing new potential for side of house
-container gardening
-Mary Jane farm magazine
-clearing out flower beds, saving herbs, freezing tomatoes

-house mid project
-chore list created
-littleman with no nap
-French press “want coffee mommy?!”
-Penis water

Fibery goodness:
-knitting the shawl…still
-deadline on coraline approaches
-mcguivering the wheel break band
-double drive vs scotch tension vs Irish/bobbin drive and tutorial by Beth Smith on how to change a matchless around.
-holiday knitting/sewing aprons for all!! (or at least me) No Frills Frilly Apron
-Stitch it!! podcast/Knitmoregirls podcast meet and greet at Rhinebeck. Saturday afternoon in the Carolina Homespun booth. We’ll share times as soon as we have them!

Favorite thing:
i LOVE my iPhone….LOVE….

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Sep 17 2009

episode 87: “how can they walk?!”

episode 87: “how can they walk?!”

September’s Podcast Donation Incentive is sponsored by The Spinning Loft!

TheSpinningLoft donation
donate to the podcast during the month of september to have a chance to win! :)

on/off the needles:
-coraline continues….once i spin more
-OWL + math = not what i wanted
WI Sheep and Wool Festival
-books and magazines
-sheeps, lambs, and all sorts of wonders!
The Looking Glass Sweater -pattern by ewetopiafibershop.com
-alpaca yarn is from Enchanted Meadows Alpacas
-books and magazines were from countryside bookstore
-working on a new alpaca forest canopy shawl

-podcast changes….opinions?

word of the week:

-washing alpaca
-washing and dyeing targhee
-yellowing of the fleece

favorite thing:
Nikki’s Healthy Cookies…..

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Jun 03 2009

episode 74: “O is for…uh…what IS that?!”

episode 74: “O is for…uh…what IS that?!”

June’s show sponsor is
Little Meadows Farm
The Donation Incentive for June is:
4 bars of their hand made Goat Milk Soap (in your choice of flavors) and a hand made beeswax candle.
To qualify for this wonderful prize, please donate to the podcast during the month of June.
Otherwise, if you are interested in supporting our sponsors, please visit their website to see the wonderful soaps, goats, and sheeps they have available!

on/off the needles:
-socks…ugly but still coming along
-reworking owen’s wardrobe
-Baby/Toddler pants/shorts tutorial
-owen’s pj’s before:
-owen’s pj’s after:

you wanted to know:
“How do you do it all?”

-a day in the park
-summer break and feedback
-O is for…..uh…..what is that?
-my helpful little helper

green thumb:
-snap dragons
-secret garden progress
-new tomato plants
-why it “pays” not to mulch
-jarring/canning/preserving. need books. any suggestions?

SOAR project
please call 646-462-4031 x 27505 and leave a voicemail with your name, where you are from, and what you have learned from my SOAR experience.
don’t have a phone? record something with your computer or send me an email itsjustmeghan@drop.io
All responses need to be in by June 25th.
-lusting after fleece
-wool is a lot like my hair, and the saga of the overwashed fleece
-re-reading books

favorite thing:

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Apr 29 2009

epiosode 69: “69…woooooo!”

episode 69: “69…woooo!”

on/off the needles:
-socks. too snug, too big, just right?
-Grafton Fibers Darn Pretty Needle review… basically, i love them!
-tangent about supporting small business owners

-owen’s hearing aids returned home
-hearing aid box art project
-adventures with a toddler and lotion

green thumb:
-lilac bush dead….now what to do?
-don’t think flower bed will have enough sun for full veggie bed

-trip to deb’s delayed
-washing fleece. how do you know it’s clean enough? but still a nice amount of lanolin?
-sweater drying racks are on their way

favorite thing:


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