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Nov 30 2011

episode 140:”i’m a real mommy now!”

episode 140: “I’m a real mommy now!”

Donation incentive for this month is a Vera Bradley Erica In Very Berry Paisley. SUPER cute and filled with wonderful wonderful pockets!

-garden buttoned up
-black tarps down to expand the beds
-wildlife highway

Handmade holidays:
Ribbon chains for the Christmas tree

-Halloween I’m a real mom now!
-IEP and changes coming
-skin care service announcement
-Ryan’s new job

fibery goodness:
-spectra shawl and scarf purgatory
-vanilla socks to the recue
-boneyard shawl by westknits in handspun
-The Big Project comes back

Favorite things:
Walk Fit orthotics


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Sep 02 2011

episode 137: “Underwhelmed”

episode 137: “Underwhelmed”

Donation incentive this month is Rowdy’s fleece! Rowdy is a corriedale cross lamb who was sheared for the first time in March this year, and it weighs about 2lbs. The donation was provided by WestWinds Farms

-digging up plants
-plagued with creeping charlie
-bugs revisited

-started school
-kindergarten open house
-amazing thrift store find! DANSKOS!
-hummingbird feeder

fibery goodness:
-hanging out with Paula from Knitting Pipeline
-stitches midwest recap
-fibery fun with my neighbor
-dyeing with the crockpots
-wisconsin sheep and wool festival

-vivian sweater ripping and knitting
-my new row counter
-hand knit hats

favorite thing:

Downton Abbey

Don’t Stop Believing by Journey (50:50)
Take on Me by Aha (53:51)

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Aug 23 2011

episode 136: “Ladybug Army”

episode 136: “Ladybug Army”

Donation incentive this month is Rowdy’s fleece! Rowdy is a corriedale cross lamb who was sheared for the first time in March this year, and it weighs about 2lbs. The donation was provided by WestWinds Farms

-Garden update
-Ladybug Army
-Zucchini muffins
-Earth Machine Compost bin
-Maggot followup

-Family fun: trip up north, art fairs, fishing and s’mores with the neighbors. BBQs and the zoo
-I would HAPPY to help you make pancakes!
-Ryan’s photography
-School starts soon!

Fibery goodness:
-spinning update
-Vivian changing gauge and adding cable to avoid whale tail butt
-Knitting hats for upcoming art shows
-CAMPKIP!!!!! :)

Favorite thing:

Caprese salad

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Jul 28 2011

episode 135: “Bob”

episode 135: “Bob”

-garden update
-meghan vs bugs

-we will miss you, Bob. you were an amazing cat, and a good friend and companion.

-Question of the day: “WHY?”

Fibery Goodness:
Tour de fleece update and finale!

Favorite Thing:
my sweet shirt Jackie made me.

Ukulele selection:
Patience by Guns N Roses

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Jun 23 2011

episode 133: “Elephant noses”

uploading the show right now! shownotes to come soon (i think)

episode 133: “Elephant noses”

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Mar 30 2011

episode 130: “Take on Me”

episode 130: “Take on Me”

Podcast donation incentives! from podcast listeners!
Joanne donated Socks that Rock Pining 4 ewe

Jarista has donated a skein of Fleece Artist, Hand dyed, Curlylocks, 78% Kid Mohair, 13% Wool, and 9% Nylon.

Cynthia has donated Knitopedia: The Ultimate A to Z guide for knitters by Vogue Knitting. it’s JUST come out and looks like a great addition to any knitting library!

a donation to the podcast during the month of march will enter you into a drawing to win ALL THREE PRIZES! yippee! :)

-Poorman’s firepit
-composting a la erksnerks

On the Needles:
-Hampton cardigan is done…sort of
-vanilla socks with fun stripey unknown sock yarn
-clockwork shawl by westknits

Upcoming Events:
-campKIPhosted by Jackie of the KIPing it Real podcast is next week! super excited! carpooling with Julie and Jessica from Revenge of the Knits podcast and Stephanie from Wisconsin
-Knittin in the Mitten hosted by CoggieTM of the High Fiber Diet podcast November 3-6. spaces are still available! a relaxing weekend of knitting and eating in Khardomah Lodge in Michigan. sounds delightful! contact CoggieTM if you are interested in signing up!coggietm(at)hotmail(dot)com

-Bats do that!
-Like outerspace?
-Ukulele madness. my new uke is from Mainland Ukulele. LOVE IT!

spinning/The Big Project:
-meet your fleece
-bagging the fleece
-knit with your handspun…PLEASE!

favorite thing:

i want to be her when i grow up
Shiny and the Spoon

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Jan 05 2011

episode 126: “Breathe”

episode 126: “Breathe”

This month’s podcast donation incentive is sponsored by Vegancraftastic! They are offering up a $25 giftcard for anything you’d like in their shop! Be sure to check out what goodies they have to offer!

homesteading holidays:
-holiday festivites
-christmas morning
-last years resolutions
-new years theme
-sprout kit

snow facts: because we should all know more about snow.

remember when contest:
skein of handspun yarn & photo by littleman

-littleman asks who/what/where questions
-ukulele and guitars

CampKIP April 6-9th near St Louis. a fun time sitting around eating, knitting, chilling with podcasters, and making new friends! find out how you can join in the fun!

fibery goodness:
-knit stocking cap was well received
-working on my wool afghan. supplemented by lion brand fisherman’s wool: nice!
-finished knitting mondo cable cardi
-spinning for the next sweater will start tonight
-received all of my fiber from maryland sheep and wool
-swatching for a bottom up yoke sweater with marr haven wool
-needle organization
-bass pro tackle worm binder

favorite thing:

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Oct 22 2010

episode 120: “I’m SOOO cute!!”

The donation incentive for this month is 250 yards of handspun by me!
you can choose to get:
fingering weight superwash merino in “Locomotive Breath”

or a skein of sport weight woolen spun Bronwyn corriedale

donate during the month of October will get you entered to win!!

episode 120: “I’m SOOO cute!!”

-switching to tea
-ghosts made from old stuff
-construction paper
-packing lunches
-hippie? organic? what am i?

-healing more and feeling better
-”I’m SO cute”
-pumpkin patch fieldtrip
-test player for ascension

Outlier podcast starring my ToadyJoe
Knit sibs podcast starring sisters Valerie, Gloria and Julianne

Fibery goodness:
-mittens..never JUST mittens
thanks to Judith who sent me the Fleece Artist Favourite Soft Mitts/Socks
-mittenflap tutorial
-sweater progress

-spinning breeds class with Deb Robson at The Spinning Loft
-excited about staying with Erksnerks

Favorite thing:
Spicy hot cocoa
1.5 cups of milk
2 tbs cocoa
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4-1/2 tsp sea salt
1-2tbs agave (or whatever sweetener of your choice)
2tbs hot water
little bit of cayenne pepper

warm milk in a pot on the stove.
in a cup, whisk together cocoa, cinnamon, salt, agave, and hot water. whisk until they form a chocolate sauce.
stir sauce into the milk, and stir in the cayenne. stir frequently until it’s warm enough. pour it into a mug, and feel snug and warm while sipping. :)

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Jul 25 2010

episode 114: “a party in his head!”

episode 114: “a party in his head!”

July is being sponsored by Green Mountain Spinnery! they have been so gracious to share a copy of their new pattern book and a skein of their mill spun yarn. i encourage you to check out their website to read about their mill and all of the lovely fibery goodness to enjoy!

at the homestead:
-boxing up things still
-Ezekiel bread a huge success!
-CSA -what is it?!
-Greene on Greens from the thrift
-no impact man

-thriftstore finds Amaze-n-Marbles
amaze n marbles
-playing ball with the littleman
-a party in his head!

fibery goodness:
-weighing out the stash
-summer tour! if you are interested in joining me, check out the ravelry group
-tour de fleece update

favorite thing:
stovetop popcorn
3tbl olive oil
1/3-1/2c popcorn kernels
natures seasoning/seasoning salt

in heavy bottom stock pot, heat 3 tbl of olive oil on medium heat with 2 or 3 popcorn kernels in there. put the lid on, but tilt it so it is vented and allows the steam out.
when you hear the popcorn pop, the oil is ready. pour in the rest of the kernels, put cover on fully, and shake pan around to coat the popcorn kernels with oil and evenly distribute them. return to the heat, and vent/tilt the lid again.
wait for your popcorn to pop, removing from heat when it slows down popping.
pour into a big bowl, shake on some natures seasoning, toss, eat and enjoy!
here is my designated popcorn pot!
my popcorn pot
not pretty, but well loved and works great!

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Jul 18 2010

episode 113: “Double Rainbow, All the Way”

episode 113: “Double Rainbow, All the Way”

July is being sponsored by Green Mountain Spinnery! they have been so gracious to share a copy of their new pattern book and a skein of their mill spun yarn. i encourage you to check out their website to read about their mill and all of the lovely fibery goodness to enjoy!

-hopefully the sound will get better
-i’m gonna have to turn off comments on the shownotes page.

little house in the suburbs:
-started clearing out the basement some more, weighed out fiber, until scale ran out of batteries.
-i got a book on chickens. thanks to Roue

-joining a CSA and super excited about it!

-littleman is an artist
-car whoas, and the realization that living in the suburbs ain’t always so grand.

Spin Control Podcast Promo! with my buddy Shilo

ask and ye shall receive:
-Anitat “I want to learn about whacking the yarn (don’t understand this at all) ”

fibery goodness:
-REALLY loving spinning for big projects and knitting little ones
-been dreaming of mittens this week
-still working on my shawl
-tour de fleece update

favorite thing:
First watch:

Then watch:

double rainbow, all the way

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