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    Archive for the 'Babble' Category

    Jan 07 2012

    Episode 141: “Farewell”

    episode 141: “Farewell”

    -littleman transitioned to his new school, and all is going well!
    -holiday recap

    Fibery Goodness:
    -Jewel sweater from Custom Knits
    -Try-it-on tubing
    -Mandel by Fallmarche

    4 years of podcasting, and it’s time to say a fond farewell. :)

    Favorite thing:
    the podcast and everything it has allowed me to experience and everyone it has allowed me to meet. i wouldn’t change it for the world. :)

    Please check back here periodically. I hope to start a blog up, so i can still share experiences and what i am doing. it just won’t be me sitting down behind a microphone to do it. I’m also on twitter as itsjustmeghan. please follow me on there if you want to see what shenanigans i am up to!

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    Nov 30 2011

    episode 140:”i’m a real mommy now!”

    episode 140: “I’m a real mommy now!”

    Donation incentive for this month is a Vera Bradley Erica In Very Berry Paisley. SUPER cute and filled with wonderful wonderful pockets!

    -garden buttoned up
    -black tarps down to expand the beds
    -wildlife highway

    Handmade holidays:
    Ribbon chains for the Christmas tree

    -Halloween I’m a real mom now!
    -IEP and changes coming
    -skin care service announcement
    -Ryan’s new job

    fibery goodness:
    -spectra shawl and scarf purgatory
    -vanilla socks to the recue
    -boneyard shawl by westknits in handspun
    -The Big Project comes back

    Favorite things:
    Walk Fit orthotics


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    Oct 06 2011

    episode 139: “I love fabulous robots”

    episode 139: “i love fabulous robots”

    We have a winner for this Rowdy’s Fleece! Teresa is the big winner this month! The donation was provided by WestWinds Farms Super thanks to them for donating such an amazing prize!

    -Garden update
    -Apples and pears
    -Food Inc and ingredients
    -Baking bread with Paula i co-hosted episode 59 of knitting pipeline podcast with her too!
    -Pyrex with Jackie
    -Cast iron with salt

    -Fabulous robots
    -Joys of homework/fighting genetics
    -”the man didn’t want smiles” school pictures
    -when I grow up, no giants

    Upcoming events:
    -Knitting Pipeline retreat in Washington, IL March 2-3
    -CampKIP in New Haven, MO Session #1 April 21-24 still open

    -Vivian drama again, needle sizes…
    -Progress on Vivian
    -Hat knitting on hold

    Favorite thing:

    Good Earth Original Tea (I drink the caffeine free version)

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    Sep 18 2011

    episode 138: “Princess of Wool”

    episode 138: “Princess of Wool”

    Donation incentive this month is Rowdy’s fleece! Rowdy is a corriedale cross lamb who was sheared for the first time in March this year, and it weighs about 2lbs. The donation was provided by WestWinds Farms

    -Zucchini bread and roasting tomatoes
    -Drying herbs
    -Fall plantings
    -Patching jeans

    -Ry’s photos in the art show *photo website now up!*
    -Art class and a Dog named Bob
    -M is for mommy

    Fibery Goodness:
    -blocking shawls
    Tika Batt handspun Multnomah

    clockwork with marr haven sport and handspun

    -knitting hats with hand dyed

    -vivian update

    -Wisconsin sheep and wool
    i fell down in Kinkoona Farm’s booth.

    Favorite Thing:

    Cast Iron Skillets

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    Sep 02 2011

    episode 137: “Underwhelmed”

    episode 137: “Underwhelmed”

    Donation incentive this month is Rowdy’s fleece! Rowdy is a corriedale cross lamb who was sheared for the first time in March this year, and it weighs about 2lbs. The donation was provided by WestWinds Farms

    -digging up plants
    -plagued with creeping charlie
    -bugs revisited

    -started school
    -kindergarten open house
    -amazing thrift store find! DANSKOS!
    -hummingbird feeder

    fibery goodness:
    -hanging out with Paula from Knitting Pipeline
    -stitches midwest recap
    -fibery fun with my neighbor
    -dyeing with the crockpots
    -wisconsin sheep and wool festival

    -vivian sweater ripping and knitting
    -my new row counter
    -hand knit hats

    favorite thing:

    Downton Abbey

    Don’t Stop Believing by Journey (50:50)
    Take on Me by Aha (53:51)

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    Aug 23 2011

    episode 136: “Ladybug Army”

    episode 136: “Ladybug Army”

    Donation incentive this month is Rowdy’s fleece! Rowdy is a corriedale cross lamb who was sheared for the first time in March this year, and it weighs about 2lbs. The donation was provided by WestWinds Farms

    -Garden update
    -Ladybug Army
    -Zucchini muffins
    -Earth Machine Compost bin
    -Maggot followup

    -Family fun: trip up north, art fairs, fishing and s’mores with the neighbors. BBQs and the zoo
    -I would HAPPY to help you make pancakes!
    -Ryan’s photography
    -School starts soon!

    Fibery goodness:
    -spinning update
    -Vivian changing gauge and adding cable to avoid whale tail butt
    -Knitting hats for upcoming art shows
    -CAMPKIP!!!!! :)

    Favorite thing:

    Caprese salad

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    Jul 28 2011

    episode 135: “Bob”

    episode 135: “Bob”

    -garden update
    -meghan vs bugs

    -we will miss you, Bob. you were an amazing cat, and a good friend and companion.

    -Question of the day: “WHY?”

    Fibery Goodness:
    Tour de fleece update and finale!

    Favorite Thing:
    my sweet shirt Jackie made me.

    Ukulele selection:
    Patience by Guns N Roses

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    Jul 08 2011

    episode 134: “Honda, Toyota, Chevy! OH MY!!!”

    episode 134: “Honda, Toyota, Chevy! OH MY!!!”


    garden update

    cloth napkins

    revisit the washcloths




    good breakfast makes a big difference

    our fourth of july

    “i don’t know how to close my eyes!!!”

    honda, toyota, chevy, oh my!



    tour de fleece updates


    favorite thing:

    The Friendship Song


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    May 06 2011

    episode 131: “where was i? crazytown!”

    i’ll try to get shownotes written up…for now, here’s the link:

    episode 131: “where was i? crazytown!”

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    Mar 30 2011

    episode 130: “Take on Me”

    episode 130: “Take on Me”

    Podcast donation incentives! from podcast listeners!
    Joanne donated Socks that Rock Pining 4 ewe

    Jarista has donated a skein of Fleece Artist, Hand dyed, Curlylocks, 78% Kid Mohair, 13% Wool, and 9% Nylon.

    Cynthia has donated Knitopedia: The Ultimate A to Z guide for knitters by Vogue Knitting. it’s JUST come out and looks like a great addition to any knitting library!

    a donation to the podcast during the month of march will enter you into a drawing to win ALL THREE PRIZES! yippee! :)

    -Poorman’s firepit
    -composting a la erksnerks

    On the Needles:
    -Hampton cardigan is done…sort of
    -vanilla socks with fun stripey unknown sock yarn
    -clockwork shawl by westknits

    Upcoming Events:
    -campKIPhosted by Jackie of the KIPing it Real podcast is next week! super excited! carpooling with Julie and Jessica from Revenge of the Knits podcast and Stephanie from Wisconsin
    -Knittin in the Mitten hosted by CoggieTM of the High Fiber Diet podcast November 3-6. spaces are still available! a relaxing weekend of knitting and eating in Khardomah Lodge in Michigan. sounds delightful! contact CoggieTM if you are interested in signing up!coggietm(at)hotmail(dot)com

    -Bats do that!
    -Like outerspace?
    -Ukulele madness. my new uke is from Mainland Ukulele. LOVE IT!

    spinning/The Big Project:
    -meet your fleece
    -bagging the fleece
    -knit with your handspun…PLEASE!

    favorite thing:

    i want to be her when i grow up
    Shiny and the Spoon

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