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Mar 09 2009

archive is up!

Published by Meghan at 9:41 pm under Podcast Episode

okay, so episodes 1-49 are available up there on a tab that says “Podcast Archive!!!” and there are instructions for downloads.
unfortunately, quite a few of them have the “” add at the beginning. why? because i had my computer crash and unfortunately lost a lot of the original recordings. *sigh* so i uploaded the original ones i have. the rest i had to download and re-upload to this server.
sorry about that.
anyway, episode 50-current are available on the new feed. if you haven’t already, please make the switch to the new feed. i can’t get to accept any new episodes. i’ve been trying to upload files for almost a week now. i think their servers have finally bit the dust.
click on the upper left where it says “Podcast via RSS” or “Podcast via iTunes” to make the change.
it’s painless! i promise!

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