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Mar 10 2008


Published by Meghan at 9:47 pm under Babble,knitting,Spinning

the interview is on wednesday morning, and already i’m anxious! isn’t that ridiculous? i guess i shouldn’t be.  it’s either they will think i’m a perfect fit, or they don’t….the more i think about it, the more and more i think this is that whole fate thing….fate is giving me a chance to do something i love…just whether or not i will make it happen.

might mean money will be tight for a long time…but wouldn’t it bet better to be broke, but in a happy, rewarding job close to home that will, above all others, understand my situation with owen’s hearing loss and support me being available for signing lessons? just feels like this job is the culmination of all my mommy/schooling/work experience….

there i go again, with that cart before the horse! ahh well…

in the spinning world, i finished spinning the second half of my sugar plum sock yarn over the weekend, fashioned myself a new lazy kate (i’ll talk more about that in this week’s episode), and plan on plying the yarn tomorrow during the little man’s nap…lets hope it goes well! i’m so anxious to see how the colors will blend, and yet terrified it’ll look like puke, poo, or both!!

i also found a thread on ravelry talking about beaded yarn, and i’m keen to give it a try! maybe with that romney i have in my stash? ohhhh….so tempting!!!  i’ll need to stop by the craft store tomorrow for some beads…and some metallic thread….hmmmmm

the second sock is underway!!! i still am loving this blueberry waffle pattern. so simple, but great results! one of those stitches that looks more complicated then it really is!

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One Response to “anxious…”

  1. Natalieon 11 Mar 2008 at 11:21 am

    Good luck with your interview. I’m hoping for a job change soon so I totally understand what your saying. :)