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Oct 05 2008

and now, some poetry….

Published by Meghan at 2:22 am under Babble

I wanted to share a beautiful poem written by bethanyg:

‘Twas the night before SOAR, and all through the land
Fiber was anxious to get into hand.
Pre-spun and unspun and some newly drafted,
All fiber in all forms couldn’t wait to be crafted.
Together we came to teach and learn more
Whether or not we attended SOAR.
A group such as we, so clever and kind,
We share it all, the beauty we find.
And this group we call “Stitch-It”, blessed are we,
In this world of fiber we set ourselves free!
So come and learn and share with us
Every FO creates such a fuss.
Fibery goodness in all shapes and form,
Items we love, to cherish and adorn”

such beautiful verse! :)

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