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Oct 23 2008

a trip to the yarn store…

Published by Meghan at 7:20 pm under critter swap,Uncategorized

i admit it…i went to the yarn store today in search of yarn for a shawl, because i really want to start knitting it.
what criteria did i set out before i entered the store?

2 ply- 2 ply yarn naturally has the arch support so that if you do a YO it will stay open and you will see the hole. in lace, this is important. why? because lace is basically holes in a neat pattern. don’t you want people to see the work you did? single spun or 3 ply yarn naturally collapses on itself, so you have to block those holes open and fight the natural structure of the yarn. i don’t like fighting with my yarn.

wool- i’d like my blankie shawl to be nice and warm

light worsted weight- i want it to be warm and heavier. i just like the look of it!

cheap- i call myself a B.A.H. (Broke A$$ H@) for a reason. i don’t have lots of extra money to throw around

nice rich red/cranberry color- i love this color on me, but i don’t own much of it.

how successful was i?
lets just say i learned a couple things…

1. there’s a reason i hate shopping. i know what i want before i go in. unfortunately, it is very rarely the same as what the stores want to sell me. (that applies for shoes, clothes, purses, and yarn)

2. there’s a reason i spin my own yarn now….

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One Response to “a trip to the yarn store…”

  1. elizabethon 24 Oct 2008 at 9:45 am

    I went to my favorite LYS yesterday too and left empty-handed. Partly because I have so much yarn and fiber at home, but mostly because nothing sang to me.